DIY // Pretty Painted Pumpkins

Happy fall! After some weirdo weather the past few weeks where the temperature reached over 80°F, the weather has finally become the Pennsylvania fall that we know and love. The leaves are starting to change, it's time to pull out the sweatshirts and hoodies, and fair season has started. The other great thing about fall is that it is also pumpkin season! I love pumpkin anything, but it has to be real pumpkin (not the pumpkin flavoring in lattes) like pumpkin pies, muffins, cheesecakes, etc. So good. 

Not only are pumpkins perfect for eating, they also make adorable decorations, inside and outside. Today I have fun little tutorial for a way in which you can decorate your house with pumpkins. I was inspired by ikat patterns and made a loose, easy to replicate version that can be quickly painted on pumpkins (or anything else for that matter). 

You could put your painted pumpkins inside like I did as a coffee table focal piece, paint mini pumpkins as a dining room table center piece, or decorate your front porch with pumpkins so big that you can hardly lift them. Real pumpkins will go bad after awhile so if you start smelling something funky in your house, it's


 the pumpkin not you. If you are planning on keeping the pumpkins inside and want them to last for the whole season, you could use pumpkins from the craft store.

1 pumpkin

white or light colored paint

3 different colors of paint that compliment each other

4 sponge paint brushes, one large, one medium, and one small 

1. Using the largest paint brush, paint a base coat with the white or light colored paint over the entire pumpkin. You will probably need at least two coats depending on the type/color of paint that you use.

2. Once the base coat has dried completely, use paint color number one to begin painting the pattern onto the pumpkin. Using the tip of the sponge brush, roughly paint a mountain like pattern around the entire pumpkin, towards the top and then do the same near the bottom. By no means does it have to be perfect, you will using these lines as a guide for the next step. See the image below for a pattern reference.

3. Now that the guidelines have been painted, dip your brush into paint number one again and holding the tip for the brush vertically, move it up and down along the guidelines to create a rough brush pattern

4. Using a slightly smaller brush, it is time to draw guidelines with color number two. For these guidelines, paint a very rough diamond-like shape in between color number one.

5. Repeat step number two with color number two following the matching guidelines. It is okay that the two colors touch, it is supposed to look a bit messy, that's what makes it cute! Do be sure to leave a bit of space open in the center of the diamond-y shape for color number three.

6. Take color number three and fill the center of the diamond, roughly as with the previous colors. And ta da! You're done! Share your pretty painted pumpkins with me using the hashtag #littecitycrafts