Applesauce Making

Earlier this week my mom came over and we made applesauce. Boy did we make applesauce. We started with three bushels of apples, one bushel for three different types, and we made them all. Last year we had the same amount but go so tired towards the end that we quit a little early. This year we toughed it out and four hours later we had about fifteen or so containers of delicious applesauce. 

So funny story. We planned on canning everything as you can see above. We put the first batch into the canning pot, which consisted of 4 quart jars full of our applesauce and when we opened the pot fifteen minutes later to check on it we found that two of the jars had completely shattered in the pot. So after we regrouped we ended up deciding to just freeze everything. We had bought tupperware containers to freeze some anyways so it worked out perfectly. Then we left the canning pot full of water and broken glass for Seth to clean up because we couldn't figure out how to clean it up and it was really heavy. 

For those of you that make your applesauce every year, if you do not have the fruit and vegetable strainer attachments for your Kitchen Aid mixer then you are making your applesauce all wrong. We chopped up the apples, skin on, to help them cook faster, cooked them, and then we placed them on the tray of the attachment and squished them down the tube and magically out came applesauce and the skins and yucky stuff came out the front, separate from the sauce. It's kind of like magic! And it saves


 much time when making applesauce. Also, we don't add


 sugar to our applesauce. If you make your applesauce with different types apples, you will get a wonderful, sweet, unique flavor that requires zero added sugar.

Aside from the containers that we froze I also made five pouches for William using the

Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station

that I will be using for all of his homemade baby foods. This was the first chance that I had to try out the squeeze station and I love it! The whole dealio is that you puree the food and then, using the squeeze station, you squeeze/push it into squeeze bags. You can then freeze the food right in the bags until baby is ready for them. They even sell a spoon attachment, which you attach to the top of the bag so you can feed baby directly from the bag when they are too little to squeeze the food out themselves. It's like those squeezey applesauces you can buy in store but better because you make the food yourself!

We did have six apples leftover at the end, they just didn't fit in the last batch so opted to leave them out for eating rather than cooking them down. I can't wait to dive into our delicious applesauce this winter, it's wonderful eaten traditionally or warmed up over ice cream or fruit crisp. Has anyone else canned/made applesauce this season?