21 Before 22 // Birthday Bucket List

Check out this year's birthday bucket list!

I have done birthday bucket lists for

the last two years in a row

 and I have never completed an entire list. And I don't like that fact. The whole point of doing Birthday Bucket Lists each year is to do things that I'm afraid of or to keep me accountable to get things done. If I'm not getting things done, then what's the point of doing these lists at all? This year I want to complete my entire birthday bucket list so I am starting my list earlier than I have in the past. My birthday is on September 18th so starting today I have about 11 months to complete this year's birthday bucket list, 21 Before 22.

If you are new to Little City Adventures and new to my birthday bucket lists here's the basics: a birthday bucket list is a list of things to accomplish before your next birthday. The number of items you work to complete depends on your current age. That's why I'm working to complete 21 items. You have to live your 21st year before you can live your 22nd.

1. Workout on a Regular Basis

I am content with where my weight is at after baby (I actually just fit back into my pre-baby pant size) but my belly is still all flabby from being stretched out and whatnot so I'd like to work on toning up a bit more. Plus I just feel better when I do yoga and workout on a regular basis.

2. Be Craftier

I love making crafts and pretending to be artsy and I don't do it often enough. I love working with pastels, even though I am terrible at it, so we don't I just do it instead of letting my art supplies collect dust in the closet.

3. Take a Few Cooking Classes

There a couple places locally that host fun little cooking classes and I would love to learn more about food while having fun! This would be such a fun girls' night event.

4. Go Away for a Night Without the Baby

Once William is old enough and sleeping through the night more regularly, I know either of our parents would love to take him for the night so we can get away.

5. Take a Family Vacation

William is going to be the cutest thing ever to take to the beach this summer. He will just


 digging in the sand and running close to the water. Seriously, I cannot wait because he will be beyond adorable.

6. Work on Cake Baking Skills

I fail at baking layer cakes. I'm more of a cookie baker. But I want to get better! I dream of making a gorgeous seven layer cake that is beautifully decorated. 

7. Work on Brownie Baking Skills

Literally every time that I bake brownies, no matter what recipe I use, I fail. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong but I just cannot bake brownies from scratch. This is not acceptable to me.

8. Read at least One Book for Month

I did this challenge on last year's list and it really encouraged me to read more. I have finally figured out that I can read on the Kindle app on my phone while feeding William in the middle of the night, so there's really no excuses. I may struggle with reading a "real" book during feedings but I can hold my phone with one hand during his feedings. Let's do this.

9. Work on Food Styling Skills

You know how I


 food and I


 sharing recipes? Well I need to work on my food styling skills to go along with that.

10. Participate in an E-course

I really want to participate in some sort of blogging e-course.

11. Pursue Christ

Honesty moment, I have been totally sucking at doing my devotions and reading the Word on a daily basis. I'm not going to dwell on the past of not doing well at this, I am just going to get better and really focus on pursuing Christ.

12. Fill the House with a Few More Plants

Preferably succulents. I love plants but I do not have a green thumb and succulents are the only plants that I can keep alive.

13. Create an E-something

I have a few ideas for e-books and e-courses and I need to just nail down an idea and run with it.

14. Watch Less TV

While I was in laid up in bed

after my c-section

, I watched


 many tv shows. Entire series. So many. And even once I was up and moving around, I still watched


 too much tv. For a few weeks William and I did No TV Tuesdays but that did not last for long. My brain feels like mush after entire days of tv but yet, I continue to do it over and over again.

15. Try Riding Bike Again

This was on my 19 Before 20 list and I still haven't completed it. I haven't ridden bike since 2008 when I fell off and broke my arm. But really what are the chances that I would fall off again...if you know me well, you know that those chances are very high. 

16. Be More Confident

I'm not really self-conscious but I almost always hate photos of myself or posting photos of myself. I need to get over it. 

17. Make Photo Books of William

For his first year I would like to get two photo books, one for 0-6 months and the second 6 months - 1 year. I'm putting this on the list so that I don't delay in getting them printed.

18. Make Homemade Baby Food

The majority of our food comes from

Central Market

, usually my grocery budget is spent 60% at market, 40% at the grocery store. Not only is it healthier but it's cheaper too! Making baby food for William will not only save us a few bucks, it will also be yummier for William.

19. Work on Photography Skills

Last year to was my goal to take more photos and this year it's my goal to take more high quality photos.

20. Take More Outfit Photos

At the beginning of high school I was really into fashion blogging and took a ton of outfit photos. I always had a lot of fun taking these photos and it inspired me to dress up a bit more everyday. 

21. Make My Home a Creative and Inspiring Place



 our home. We've had our place for about a year and a half now and we have all of the furniture we wanted/needed and some decorations but it just doesn't feel 100% me yet.

What do you think of my list? Any tips to help me complete any of my bucket list items? If you have a birthday bucket list, share your list below or leave a link to it!