White Mallow Collection // Weleda

a review of Weleda's White Mallow Collection for babies #ad

*this post was sponsored by Weleda and any products mentioned were given to me for the purpose of reviewing them for my readers. All opinions are my own.


 recently sent me their new Baby Derma collection, 

White Mallow

, which consists of a body lotion and a face lotion made especially for baby. Weleda is a company who believes in working with fair trade partners and protecting ecology in order to show the beauty that is among us. This is a company I can get behind, 100%. And not only do they have a wonderful foundation for their company, their products are extremely high quality, proving their great reputation to be true. 

Here's the skinny on the new White Mallow line for babies. The line has been given the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance and has best for little ones with highly sensitive skin. Both lotions are fragrance free and made of at least 95% organic ingredients and they both help to relieve dry, itchy skin. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well believe me, it is just as good as it sounds!

I'm a blonde with naturally sensitive and dry skin and Seth is a red head. Basically, William, who is slowly growing in red hair, was doomed to have sensitive skin. Prior to using Weleda's White Mallow  collection, William had patchy, flaky dry skin on and in-between his eyebrows (yes, it did make him look like he had a bit of a unibrow) as well as on his ears. His legs also felt dry to the touch and he had a large amount of baby acne on his cheeks and forehead. Before applying the face lotion on William for the first time, I first very gently exfoliated his face to get the dead skin off. After the first application I already noticed a difference in the texture of his skin, it felt smooth and health. I did notice that the face lotion did leave a slightly greasy residue but after it dried a bit longer that seemed to dissipate. After a few days of using the lotion daily, his baby acne even got better! I had been using various fragranced baby body lotions all over, including his face, and I'm thinking that is what made him break out.

It seemed to more than application of the body lotion before I started noticing a difference with the feel of William's skin but his legs were severely dry. As with the face lotion, you only need a small bit of product at a time which means that these lotions will last us for awhile.

Overall, I really enjoy these products for William, the face lotion especially, and highly recommend them to other mama's with babies who have sensitive skin. The only complaint I could find is that the smell of them reminds me slightly of that white Elmer's glue but that's only because it really isn't that bothersome and I'd rather have it smell like that than be highly fragranced and a bother to William's baby skin. 

Both products are available now at Whole Foods and on 


. The body lotion retails for $17 and the face lotion is $14. If your little one has baby acne or flaky, irritated dry skin, these products are definitely worth trying. Interested in trying but don't feel like buying? Weleda has graciously offered to give the collection away to one lucky reader as part of my upcoming 

Birthday Week Giveaways

, starting on September 14th and running until my birthday of the 18th. So stay tuned for your chance to win these two amazing products. Any questions regarding these products or anything I mentioned in the post? Leave a comment below!