Staying Organized // 5 Quick Tips

Sometimes it's just the smallest things that can help you stay organized and productive. Check out these 5 quick tips >>>

I have a horrible memory. Add that to having a two month old and things can get pretty crazy around our house. Often I'll remember something that needs to get done but before I can get to it, it completely slips my mind. Over the last few months I've found a couple tricks that have helped me to stay somewhat sane.

1 // Keep a Master To Do List

I never seem to be able to remember what needs done, whether it's short term or long term. My solution is found in the app Do! Spring. Since I always have my phone with me, using this app, I am able to write down to do items the second I think of them. I love how this app works! It is easy to use and beautifully designed (you can even change the design/font from various options on the app). Type in your to do item and it gets added to your list, which resembles a notepad. When you complete an item, double click on it and it gets scratched off with what resembles pencil markings and it even has a sound effect that resembles scribbling with a pencil. I keep long term and short term to do's on this app and without it, nothing would get done simply because I forget everything.

2 // Review and Review Your To Do List

When I have a free moment I always quickly glance over my master to do list to check and see if there is something that I should be doing or to see if there's something that I should add. Reviewing it often helps me to remember things as well.

3 // Wake Up Early

That old saying is true, the early bird certainly does catch the worm. I have always been an early riser and if I sleep past eight o'clock I sort of feel like the whole day is gone. Whether early to you is 5:30am or 9:00am, get up a bit early every once in awhile to help motivate you and give you a few more hours in the day. If you're not a morning person this may suck but keep at it and I promise you will get used to the early mornings. Now I get up around 5:30 or 6 everyday to feed the baby and then  he goes back to sleep for about an hour and I'm able to do yoga in peace and quiet before everyone else is awake and yoga helps me feel calm and together which helps me get things done during the rest of the day.

4 // Put Things Away Right Away

I am absolutely terrible at this but I am trying to get better. Instead of throwing your shoes by the door when you take them off, put them away in the closet right away. Simple things like this will help you keep your house more organized which in turn will help you feel less stressed and be more motivated to organize other things.

5 // Prepare Ahead of Time

If we have to be somewhere early in the morning, I have found that it helps to have clothes laid out and the diaper bag fully packed helps us have a smooth morning and get out of the house on time (or at least close to on time). If you have school-age kiddos, pack lunches the night before so there's one less thing for you to do before getting them off to school. Important meeting at work? Make sure any notes or paperwork are organized and put in their place the day before so that you can focus on the meeting instead of searching for papers and feeling stressed.

What are your top tips for staying organized, whether it's in your home, workplace, or life in general?