Organizing Baby's Dresser + A Giveaway {closed}

Newborns need lots of clothes (hello, spit up and diaper explosians!), here are my tips for keeping all those clothes organized >>>

You can never be truly prepared for baby and most things, you won't be able to work on until you know what baby needs and what is easiest for during those midnight feedings. You will also continue to receive things for baby until everybody has met him. Along with diapers, clothing, in all sizes, was one of the top gifts we received for William which mean I had to find room in his dresser. If you don't have the room you could store everything in neatly labeled boxes in a hall closet until you are ready for them but I have found it handy to have the next size readily available since William seems to grow overnight.

I try to keep the top of his dresser clutter free so that nothing gets in the way when he's being a squirmy little worm during changes, I can easily get to everything that I need and get things done quickly. We use Target's Up & Up unscented wipes for sensitive skin but put them into an old Pamper's wipes box. Then, in the corner, I have a 1oz mason jar of coconut oil which I use on his bum and then the

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For obvious reasons it's easiest to have the most used items at easy reach. The first drawer holds all of the clothes that currently fit him. William is long and skinny, just like his daddy, so despite being 2 1/2 months old he fits into a combination of some newborn and 0-3 month clothing. Since I'm OCD and weird I have his onesies organized by type. At the top left we have his plain white onesies and the top right corner holds those onesies that he only wears to bed or if he spits up on everything else. His "good" onesies are in the bottom left corner and beside those are his pants, which are all still newborn because his waist is tiny but they are quickly becoming too short for his long legs, and above his pants I just have whatever hats fit him although he hates hats and doesn't wear them often.

The second drawer is his awesomely stocked diaper drawer. We keep his boxes of diapers stacked in the hall closet, the current size he wears as well as the next size (you don't want to realize he needs the next size up and not have it on hand). In the drawer we have his favorite diapers (duh!) which are Target's Up & Up brand then in the corner of the drawer I cleaned out and repurposed a Bath & Body Works candle jar to hold sample skin care products, a thermometer, and a few similar items. I also keep a jar of vaseline in there so I can coat the tip of the thermometer in it before taking his temperature (yes, I am one of those paranoid moms that takes her kid's temperature even when he's acting fine, just in case).

The middle drawers hold the next few sizes of clothing. The drawer on the left is mostly 0-3 month and 3 month clothing and the drawer on the right is mostly 3-6 month and 6-9 month clothing. He has so many size 0-3 month size pants that just about fit his waist but are still too long. He's just like me, always an awkward size.

The bottom drawer holds clothing larger than 9 months and extra blankets/quilts and bedding. I'm fairly certain that William literally never stops peeing. Seriously. Every time I look at him the wetness indicator line on his diaper has turned to blue. So even though he wears a diaper and wakes up at least once at night, there have been a few times when he's peed his pants and once he peed so much that all of his clothes were completely soaked including his sheets. Take it from me mamas, even though they're little, keep extra bedding handy just in case.

Now that you've seen how I organize William's dresser, and hopefully gotten some ideas for your own baby's dresser, it's time for another

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