Meals Delivered // Blue Apron Review

Have you wondered what this Blue Apron thing is all about? Here's a peak at our experience >>> #ad

*This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. All opinions are my own.

I recently got to try out a box of meals from

Blue Apron

. Blue Apron is a really cool company that sends all the ingredients you need to make dinner right to your front door! It doesn't get much better than that! Or does it?! Not only do they ship you fresh ingredients in a refrigerated box, each meal is between 500-700 calories per person, the recipes come straight from chefs with step by step photo instructions, meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less,


 everything is delicious!

All the ingredients are labeled and packaged wonderfully, making it easy for you to find what you need for each recipe. Blue Apron provides you with the exact amount of ingredients you need for each meal, meaning you have no leftover ingredients which means less food waste! They three meals I got to try out were

Mexican-Style Turkey Burgers

Vietnamese-Style "Shaking" Beef

, and

Cod with Pickled Grapes

. The turkey burgers were something we are likely to eat at home regularly but the beef and cod dishes were something we are highly unlikely to try. Considering all of that, it's obvious that the Turkey Burgers with Warm Corn-Tomato Salad was our favorite dish.

My favorite thing about Blue Apron is that they send you all of the fresh ingredients and you still get to cook everything yourself, completely from scratch, even though you didn't go out and buy the ingredients. Each recipe comes with a fantastic recipe card that tells you which ingredients you need from your box and on the back there are step by step photo instructions that are clear and don't miss a thing. All of the meals can be made in 40 minutes or less and I found that to be true although I could see some meals taking longer depending on whether or not you've worked with those particular ingredients before and depending on skill levels.

The turkey burgers tasted amazing and I will be adding the recipe for both the burgers and the corn side dish to my recipe box. There was a bit of the kick in the burgers themselves from the Mexican Seasoning mixed in but it balanced out well with the avocado and cotija cheese. And the corn-tomato salad may have been the best part of the dish. Seth and I don't even like tomatoes all that much but we couldn't get enough of the dish!

Overall, I am quite impressed with the company from the way the ingredients were shipped to the recipe tastes and how easy the instructions were to follow. I do have to say that I did not love the cod dish but it was mostly because I am not a huge fan of cod or pickled items. The major cons that I see are that you don't get to choose which recipes are delivered to you (you do input dietary needs like vegetarian, gluten free, etc.) and for us, the $9.99 per person per meal, which comes to $60 per box for two people is just to steep of a cost, especially if you may not like the meals in the end. But I was highly impressed with the quality of ingredients, recipes, and packaging. 

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