Family Walk // Downtown Lititz

Yesterday my grandma called and asked us to come over to help her with some technology stuffs at her house, in Lititz, so we decided to leave a little bit early and go walk around Downtown Lititz which is a quaint historic town that is known as "America's Coolest Small Town." We parked at Lititz Spring's Park and walked up to Main St and window shopped a bit at all of the unique locally-owned shops before walking back to the car to head to grandma's. 

The park is covered in ducks and I have fun memories of going to the park with my parents or grandparents and playing on the playset and feeding the duckies. William wasn't too impressed with the ducks.

Lititz is also known for being the hometown of

Wilbur Chocolate Co.

 Their chocolates are sold in shops and grocery stores all over Lancaster and they are most known for their

Wilbur Buds

, which are basically like Hershey's Kisses but they look totally different Wilbur's Chocolate is much different. But you get the idea. Anyways, they are delicious. You can tell where my priorities are since I mentioned chocolate in posts

two days in a row


And we stopped at my grandparent's (mom's side). For obvious reasons they just adore their very first great-grandchild. I love him too.

Do you have a small town near you that is unique like Lititz?

Downtown Lititz, PA is a great family destination