Blog Planning + Organization

These tips are helpful for basic blog planning and organization!

Last week I shared

5 Quick Tips for Staying Organized

in life and then I thought to myself, "Hmmm, why don't I continue posting about organization? Oh, I should talk about blog planning and organization!" So I did.

Over the last few months I have refined my blog planning, after much trial and error, and I am quite pleased with the results. The main tools that I use include a month by month planner, Evernote, and a good 'ol fashioned notebook. I am still a weirdo that prefers to handwrite things despite my love of computer stuffs - I'm just cool like that - so I use a mixture of both handwritten and computer programs.

The Editorial Calendar

I use a simple, inexpensive monthly planner to plan out blog posts month to month. Towards the end of each month I take a look at the coming month and come up with some post ideas and choose dates to publish them on. I write down blog post titles in pencil so that I am free to change my mind about the title or the date that it gets published, and pencil seems to erase much easier than pen. I like to plan far in advance so that I can take my time developing each post and can work on it in stages, helping me to post consistent and quality content. Once I have a post scheduled to publish I shade in the box with a blue pen to tell myself that that post is taken care of and I don't need to worry about it any longer. I also like to look back and be able to quickly see whether I have stuck to my schedule (which is to post at least 5 times per week) and it makes the planner look prettier.

Scheduling Posts

Blogger has this awesome feature that allows you to schedule content to be published at a future date. Take full advantage of this feature! Most of the time I have multiple posts scheduled and a few drafts saved, which I am working on in stages, that will be finished and then scheduled. I try to scheduled as many posts as I can whenever I have the time since my schedule is a bit unpredictable with the baby. Working ahead of time is another great way to ensure that you are putting out content that you are truly happy with.

Organizing Research + Lists

As much as I love handwriting lists, sometimes it's just too much to write down every little thing. That's where


comes into play. On Evernote, which you can sync onto all of your devices, you can create separate "notebooks," making it easy to use the app for both personal and blog use. Within a notebook you can have a countless number of pages to organize everything for your blog, without taking up memory space on your computer. One of my favorite things on Evernote is the box bullets which you can use to create to do lists and then you can go in and literally check off each box. It's also very easy to use clickable links within documents, making it great to keep track of your resources and research.

How do you keep your blog organized? What does your editorial calendar look like? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below.

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