William // Two Months

My little baby is growing up so quickly! He looks more like a baby/toddler than an infant/newborn and he is trying so hard to act more like a toddler than a baby. William and I have been far more productive this month than last, we've mastered getting out of the house on a schedule and I'm actually allowed to carry his car seat which is a huge help on outings. He is developing quite a personality, just like his daddy, and I am loving getting to know him. I can't complain too much about him, for the most part he is a pretty content and happy kid who loves to smile and be insanely vocal. When he's able to talk, he will say the funniest things, again like his daddy (ha). Plus, how cute is that onesie? It says "they call me wild thing." Pretty much sums up William to a T. His onesie is brand new because Mr. William is slowly moving up to size 0-3 months! He has a few newborn onesies that still fit but for the most part my little man is getting bigger and moving onto the next size.

Last week I discovered that William absolutely loves 'Duck Dynasty.' I mean he


 that show. If he is fussing and I need to get things done, I prop him up in his boppy pillow and he just stares at the tv and laughs. This week he discovered that he loves sucking on his thumb/fingers when he's bored.

William is 23 1/2 inches long and weights about twelve pounds!

Mr. William recognizes his name when I say it and is focusing more on the faces of the person talking to him. He loves sitting propped up on his own, pretending he's a big boy, and is starting to reach out for toys on his activity mat. During tummy time he sort of scoots himself on his belly and usually ends up moving a few inches or so. Over the last week he has started to drool/blow bubbles when sitting quietly. Also this month, William has started sleeping in his own room at night with me listening/watching on the monitor. He has also started grabbing and holding onto things (hair, the giraffe attached to his pacifier, necklaces, fingers, etc.). 

We are finally sleeping!!! The last two or three nights he has only woken up once (between 2 and 3:30 in the morning) and then we are up for the day around 5:30 or 6 in the morning. Now I just need him to go to sleep before 11 when his last feeding his around 9 or 9:30pm.

William is going longer between feedings and usually eats more at each feeding than last moth. Yesterday he did want to eat like every 20 minutes for awhile, he's a growing boy. I'm fine feeding him as much as he wants during the day, as long as he goes pretty long between feedings at night. He also does not do well on days that I eat a lot of dairy or soy milk.


 sitting up like a grown up, girls (no kidding, he is already a ladies' man), people in general, cuddling, Duck Dynasty, playing on his activity mat, riding in the car, and eating.


 being put in the moby wrap while awake, kisses on his cheeks (but I do it anyway because his cheeks are so darn kissable), and being held with his back to the world.