Why I Blog

There are many reasons why I blog. I've had

so many

blogs in the last five years or so. In high school I had a lot of random fashion blogs that covered runway fashion and outfits of the day but I was never super happy with them but I enjoyed making them. Perhaps part of the reason that I kept making multiple blogs was that I thoroughly enjoyed creating the blog from scratch and I still love that part of blogging. I took some time off maybe for a year or so around my junior year of high school and then started a blog called Catch the Moments which I really loved and worked hard on for a solid year and even did some ad spot swapping with it and started getting to know some other bloggers. Winter 2012/2013, while Seth and I were engaged, I was having


 anxiety issues and sort of checked out from the world for two or three months which included leaving my blog empty for awhile. Once I got myself back on track I decided that I needed a new blog, one that matched my new life phase and one that could grow with me. After playing around with title ideas for a week or so, Little City Adventures was born. I knew I wanted to blog about my marriage and new life living in Lancaster and I thought (and still think) that this title encompasses that and so much more. Here we are, more than a year later and I'm still blogging and more serious than ever about it.

I Blog...

          // for community

          // as a creative outlet

          // to challenge myself

          // to share ideas

          // to keep busy

          // to motivate myself

          // for  fun

          // for stress relief

          // to learn more about myself

          // to update friends and family on my life

          // to encourage others

          // to spread joy

Why do you blog?