Six Weeks Postpartum Update

William's face. Ha. We had just woken him up by pulling him out of his car seat and he was not happy with us. And my necklace is positioned so great, right? This is my life. I was just lucky that we survived being out for most of the day today. Seth has off on Mondays so we ran a bunch of errands, fun stuff like reviewing our insurance policy for the year and whatnot. And we had a yummy lunch from Chipotle, Lancaster just got a Chipotle this Summer and we've been waiting until the hype died down a bit and it wasn't absolutely nuts to have lunch there. It was yums. Then we came home and William was an absolute nut, playing on his activity mat/gym thing and did such a great job looking at all of the toys that hang from it and trying so hard to reach for them. He's one cool kid yo. I can't believe that he is already six weeks old, he thinks he's about three months old though. 

I have not been cleared to exercise yet (maybe on Friday) but despite that I have been able to maintain my weight which still leaves me with about ten pounds or so to loose to get back to my pre-baby weight. Breastfeeding still has my ravenous but I'm doing a (slightly) better job at choosing healthy choices (at least for meals). I'm also able to be up on my feet more so I'm sure that helps.

This past week was really the first week without crippling pain on that left side of my incision. I'm actually able to stand up long enough to cook meals now which is a huge step! My actual incision is still tender to the touch and really only bothers me when William kicks it (which is often) or when I do a lot of bending, like when cleaning. My stomach still feels like it's filled with gas like right after surgery, especially the last week, and I'm wondering if it's from the c-section or something else.

William now goes anywhere from two to five hours between feedings but you never know which length of time he'll choose. But I have gotten better at sleeping in between those times and I've finally started putting him in the pack 'n play as soon as he's asleep or content enough for me to be asleep. As for my mood it's not too bad, the anxiety is still manageable and I'm usually fine as long as I get some sleep.