My Favorite iPad Apps

I "inherited" my iPad from Seth after we got married. He had gotten for himself, brand new, the summer before but soon after he bought it there was a little accident and some random kid made it fall off a table and the screen completely shattered and had to be replaced. When it fell it got some nicks and cuts on the body of it so the new screen didn't fit quite perfectly. But whatever. It still works, right? A few months after I "inherited" the iPad the screen got what I will call a "hairline fraction" in one corner and ever since then it just keeps cracking and breaking just at the touch. I am actually so cool that I have two pieces of scotch tape holding in pieces that have started to break off on the screen and the frame around it. I know, you're jealous. But I honestly don't care about all that, it still works and gets the job done.

I use my iPad every day for everything from reading recipes on Pinterest while cooking, quickly checking emails, organizing documents in Evernote, and of course for playing games because I'm a dork like that. I also have a weird obsession with downloading a ton of apps at a time, putting them in a folder called "To Try" and trying them out until I decide what I like and what I don't. I find it really entertaining. I've downloaded hundreds of free apps on my iPad. It's the searching and downloading of the apps that I find so entertaining. Again, I know, I'm strange. After all of my experimenting I've found some apps that I find either helpful and/or entertaining.

Twitter //

I'm not so sure that this can be fit in with productivity apps but this is where I thought it fit best. I am highly impressed with the Twitter app (both on iPad and iPhone) as a whole. I find that it loads quickly and has an overall pleasing aesthetic. Twitter has been doing a great job with app updates as well. Follow me on Twitter @abbybarstow

Evernote //

I planned my entire wedding on Evernote and have recently started keep tracking of my entire life on there as well. If you don't use Evernote you are missing out. Basically what you do on Evernote is create notebooks and within those you can create documents. For example I have a notebook called "Little City Adventures" and in that notebook some of the documents I have are Blog Post Ideas, Media Kit Draft, Ideal Reader Profile, etc. I would feel so unorganized and overwhelmed without Evernote.

Gmail //

Since my personal and blog emails are both via Gmail I find that the Gmail app is much easier to use rather than Apple's Mail app. 

Yoga Studio //

Yoga is the only thing that keeps my back pain at least slightly at bay and this app is gorgeous and easy and use and full of fantastic routines. They have a huge catalog of classes at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and you can schedule classes for the app to remind you to workout. The routines are super calming, the narrator's voice is relaxing, and the routines are easy to follow as well. 

MyFitnessPal //

I also have this app on my phone and you can log in and sync your account on both devices. This is a great app for keep track of your workouts and your meals. I don't keep track of both everyday but I've been trying to keep track most days. I've tried out a lot of fitness and meal tracking apps and this is by far the best.

Pocket Yoga //

Yup, another yoga app. This one is more computer generated than Yoga Studio but it does offer more routines which you can customize by duration, difficulty, and environment. Pocket Yoga has a sister app called Pocket Yoga Builder where you can build your own routines and is absolutely fantastic as well.

Neybers //

I just found this app and it's awesome, awesome, awesome. As a kid I was weird and loved computer software for interior design. I was obsessed with making floor plans. Like weirdly obsessed. I still kind of am a little bit. Anyways, you pick a blank room to start with and then you get to decorate it with amazing designer products and choose flooring options and paint options. The graphics are extremely high quality, color me impressed.

Jelly Defense //

 The days leading up to William's late arrival were filled with off and on contractions and one day I spent the entire day in bed watching tv and playing this game. It is so addicting and the little jelly monsters are adorable.

Tiny Thief //

This is another new addition to my iPad and it's a great adventures game. High quality graphics, cute little characters, and a fun adventure make this game a lot of fun. I know, I sound a little nerdy but this game is challenging which makes it a great stress reliever.