Hour by Hour

Maybe I'm the only one who leaves creeping on people but I


 blog posts about people's daily schedules and photo an hour posts (like

this one from Oh Dear Drea

). I can't explain my obsession with reading posts like this but I love 'em. So it only makes sense that I take part as well! Here's a little peak into my typical day home with William while Seth is at work. I didn't include all the feedings and diaper changes because that would get monotonous. Just know that I do take care of my kid and feed him anytime between two to four hours.

8:00 am // William and I officially woke up for the day (we had a 5am feeding previous to waking up) when Seth got up to get ready for work. It takes Little Man lots of stretching in order to wake up. He usually sleeps in the bassinet that is attached to his pack 'n play but we had a


 night (I think I got maybe four hours of sleep) so for some of the night I just held him in bed with me.

9:00 am // I started to get ready for the day and made plans with my mom and grandma to meet them at Target later on for some errand running and so they could see the baby. When I came home from the hospital I was unable to take the extra staircase up to the third floor which is my office/closet space so Seth moved all of my make up down to the bedroom for easier access. And I grabbed the breakfast in bed tray and this is how I've done my make up since then. This is a great idea for adjusting to newborn life, then baby doesn't have to move either.

10:30 am // William and I made it out of the house and into Target successfully. While waiting for my mom and grandma I got a sweetened passion fruit lemonade from Starbucks, my favorite summer drink.

12:30 pm // After our errand running I took my mom home (she can't drive because of epilepsy) and my family visited with William for a little while. I got an awesome shot of my dad, mom, and brother all playing with him but my dad had been doing yard work earlier so out of respect for him, I won't post it (ha). 

1:30 pm // Eventually we got home and while I put away the groceries I put him on the sofa where he absolutely passed out, shopping is hard work. While he was taking his mini nap I ate lunch (veggie burger and salad) and then it was his turn to eat, above is his post feeding cuddly self.

2:45 pm // We laid down for a nap (we almost always take one nap together in our bed) and as soon as I closed my eyes he woke up and was acting like a nut. Eventually he fell asleep and I was able to as well.

4:00 pm // Nap time was a success! 

5:45 pm // After his last feeding William spit up while laying down and got spit up all up in his hair and down his shoulder and back. Ew. He was over due for a birdie bath anyways. When I'm home alone I prefer to bathe him like this just because it's easier for me. I do take his diaper off when I bathe him but even though he's a baby he likes his privacy.

6:00 pm // I changed the sheets on our bed (I don't iron our bedding, aren't the wrinkles awesome?) and picked up our room. I also decided to move all of my make up back up stairs since I'm a bit more mobile now and I've somewhat mastered getting things done with a kiddo. I also finally put away my clean clothes that have been sitting on the steps folded for at least a week.

7:45 pm // While I ate dinner (tilapia with broccoli) William enjoyed some tummy time that he was fussy for earlier.

8:30 pm // William and I watched Blue Bloods while waiting for Seth to get home.

9:30 pm // Daddy is home! And then my little family got ready for bed...