Diaper Bag Essentials

A great list of basics first-time moms should keep in diaper bags

William is now five weeks old and we have officially mastered leaving the house without help (I've even breastfed him in the car in the Target parking lot) and having a well stocked diaper bag has been key. We have narrowed the items down to our favorite brands and we know how much of each item that we need when on the go. Now that we have mastered our diaper bag I wanted to share a few of our favorite products with you.

1 // Blanket -

Aden + Anais

I absolutely adore the muslin swaddle blankets from Aden + Anais. These blankets are huge. Like gigantic. But they are also made with a soft, thin, gauzy muslin making them insanely versatile. They are perfect for summer because of how thin they are, baby will be covered but not overheat but will be great in the fall/winter because you can fold them up and have multiple layers from one blanket. I've also used the blankets for tummy time if his "floor blankey," as I've dubbed it, is not around because it's huge. Despite the size, it rolls up nicely to fit in the diaper bag.

2 // Coconut Oil

I started using coconut oil after reading Savannah and Jenny's

Diaper Bag Essentials

post on Maiedae. Savannah recommended this for little ones with sensitive skin which definitely includes little William. 

3 // Extra Onesies

These are one of the most important items in the diaper bag. I can't tell you how many times I've had to change his clothes on the go due to spit ups, spit ups, spit ups, and bathroom accidents that the diapers didn't quite hold. Oh, and because of milk baths (any other breastfeeding moms give their kiddos milk baths when they unlatch for even a second?). I like to keep at least two extra onesies in the diaper bag at all times.

4 // Pacifiers -


For obvious reasons pacifiers come in handy when on the go. We love these

Natural Fit Soft Silicone pacifiers

 from Chicco, they are soft for baby and the clear is sort of fun because you can see him sucking on it. It's the little things that entertain us.

5 // Diapers -

Up & Up (Target)

We first tried Pamper's diapers, someone had given us a huge box of them when their kid grew out of newborn, and they worked well but as soon as we switched to the

Target brand

William's diaper rash got much, much better. These are also sort of fun because you can sort of see the poop through the diaper. The diapers aren't too thin or anything, you can just sort of see a shadow when he poops. And they have the typical yellow line to tell you when they are full.

What are your diaper bag essentials? There are obviously more items than just these five in the diaper bag but these are the five items that I've really narrowed down brand-wise. Also, my diaper bag is the

Skip Hop Duo Special Edition Luxe Diaper Bag

and I love it! It looks more like a regular bag than a diaper bag and there's plenty of room in it, especially because we only have one kiddo.