5 Tips for New Moms

Being a new mom is scary, overwhelming, wonderful, and strange all at once. There is nothing you can do to change all of that but there are a few things you can do to make your life a bit easier. I have survived the first seven weeks as William's mom and have discovered a few things that consistently help us get by day to day.

1. Stock Up Before Bedtime.

If baby is sleeping in your room in a pack 'n play or bassinet for the first few weeks, be sure to stock up before hitting the hay to make your nights just a tad smoother. We have this

Graco pack 'n play

and it is by far the most used and best baby item we chose. Each night I make sure that we are completely stocked.

- Fully stocked with diapers

- The box of wipes is mostly full

- At least 3 back up onesies

- A back up blanket

- 2-3 back up burp cloths

- An extra pacifier

2. Don't Stress About Having a Stylish Baby.

We all want to have one of those stylish kiddos that takes Instagram by storm. But let's be honest with each other: Those moments are few and far between. Baby will spit up, poop, and pee all over himself quite often. Sometimes a plain white onesie is best and will make your life so much easier. Plus, they are cheap and come in packs of multiples, making it easy to have a few on hand everywhere (diaper bag, pack 'n play, etc.). Do what is easier for you, not what makes


 look cool. Also included under this tip is:

don't turn away free clothes

. Baby doesn't have to wear the hand-me-downs regularly but trust me, they are wonderful to have as back ups.

3. Pump Milk So Your Spouse Can Help Too.

Some mamas prefer to only feed from the breast and not offer baby bottles with breastmilk and that is perfectly fine. For us we find it helpful if I pump enough during the week for a few extra bottles throughout the week as well as for the weekend. Seth has off on Sundays and Mondays so Sunday nights he usually helps with at least one feeding and often takes another one for me on Monday afternoons so I can nap or just have time to myself. We also like to have a bottle handy for when we go out with friends or are out of the house for a few hours just to make our days easier and so I don't feel like I'm missing out on life.

4. Put a Bib on Baby for Feedings.

If you're like me and you never stop lactating, as in you are constantly dripping a little bit of milk and when baby eats milk ends up all over him and you and everything around you, a bib will be a huge help! We love these ones from



5. Ask For Help When You Need It.

This is the most important factor in surviving the first few weeks as a new mom. Once hubby goes back to work, suck it up and ask your mom/dad/brother/cousin/sister/uncle/grandmother/neighbor/etc. over to help you, even if it's just to do a load of laundry or the dishes. Don't be afraid to ask! Your friends and family (even strangers on the street, but that is not recommended) will do anything to visit with the baby for awhile. So ask someone to come over so you can take a twenty minute nap or paint your nails. 

What tips do you have for fellow new mamas?