5 More Tips for New Moms

William will be eight weeks this coming weekend and two months old on the 29th! I can't believe how fast my little man is growing up. Next week I'll share his two month update but here's a little mini update right now: last night he slept in his nursery for the first time, he is laughing and smiling more often, he is better at following faces and looks towards voices, and he is moving into some size 0-3 month clothing and size 1 diapers. 

Last week I shared

5 Tips for New Moms

and this week I am back with 5 more! Just five tips wasn't enough, being a new mom is complicated and overwhelming and we should all help each other, should we not? After reading all of my tips, feel free to leave tips from your experiences in the comments. 

1. Buy a Portable Baby Swing.

When we registered at Bed Bath & Beyond the salesman convinced us to register for this

portable swing

and it turned out to be such a fantastic idea. The swing is light and folds up much smaller than most other swings making it easy to move throughout the house. My closet/office is on the third floor of our house so when I'm getting ready in the mornings I sit the swing upstairs beside me while doing my make up. When we're eating dinner on the first floor we sit the swing beside the dining room table. It makes life so much easier.

2. Before Baby Arrives, Make At Least One Weeks Worth of Freezer Meals.

Prior to William's arrival I made three meals to freezer and also went to Costco and bought two Costco sized freezer meals and dived those up into serving sizes. Friends and family will (or at least should) bring you some meals the first few weeks but there may be a few days in that first week where you don't have meals coming and trust me, those freezer meals will be a life saver. And once baby is older and the meals stop coming it might be a shock, but not to worry, you have those handy freezer meals!

3. Buy Some Nursing Camis as well as Nursing Bras.

One thing I didn't really think about before having William was the fact that I have to wear a bra 24/7 in order to wear nursing pads because of breastfeeding. Nursing cam is are fantastic, they are easy to nurse in and so comfortable. As for nursing bras, make sure you have at least two that are wireless and comfy to sleep in.

4. Stock Up on the Next Few Sizes.

Baby grows so fast the first few months. All the sudden his newborn clothes will start getting tight and hard to button making it helpful to have the next few sizes on hand. You should also have the next few sizes of diapers on hand because diapers are the last thing you want to run out of.

5. Forget Your Old Body, Embrace the New.

Don't compare your post-baby body to your pre-baby body. Your body now is completely new and different. Your hips have changed, you have stretch marks that may never go away, and your boobs are bigger (and leaking milk). Work on getting in shape rather than getting back to the "old you." You can loose the baby weight but your shape may not change and that's okay. You created a beautiful human being with your amazing body so embrace it, it's okay.