William // One Month

Who doesn't love adorable baby updates?

Mister William is one month old already! I thought the last month of pregnancy went quickly but his first month in the worst went even faster. We have loved getting to know our son, his little quirks, what each cry means, and learning what will be "normal" for our little family. I'm trying to be okay with the fact that this has been a very unproductive month for me. Usually I have nine hundred different projects going on and I'm baking something every other day. But because

I had to have a c-section

, I have been stuck in bed for the majority of the month, and have been very restricted in what activities I can and cannot do. William on the other hand is a little ball of energy, when he's awake he never stops moving and constantly wants to be held. He is growing so quickly I cannot even believe it and I cannot wait to see how much he grows in his second month.

He weighs just under or about 9 lbs (my scale is a dial scale so I don't know exactly) and is 22 inches long.

William has held his head up on his own since day one and continues to strengthen those neck and arm muscles. Aside from a strong neck and arms, he is also working on those leg muscles already and enjoys launching himself sort of like a rocket when he's sitting up on our laps. He also sits up well on my lap or on the corner of the sofa. He loves looking towards lights and has recently started staring at faces if they are up close to his. Little man also smiles a bit, more of a mix between a grin and a smirk really, and it's only because of gas about half the time I think. He is also very vocal, lots of grunting noises and when he's "playing" he sort of squeaks.

When he is asleep there is no waking him up until he is good and ready. Changing his diaper or clothes doesn't even wake him up. He sleeps for about an hour to two hours total in between feedings and if I'm lucky it's three hours at night, but that's rare. He sleeps best if he's being held or if he's tucked in, in our bed.

William is great at nursing. He latches on well and stays latched on until that session is over. He has some reflux issues so we've had to limit the length of each feeding, otherwise he just eats and eats and doesn't realize that his little belly is already full and then we get huge vomits. He also has to be burped for about twenty minutes and kept upright for a total of thirty minutes after each feeding to prevent vomiting. William also does a good job at taking a bottle, I pump about 5oz a day just so that we have a bottle to take when we go out, making it easier for us to be social (in theory) and William eats about 2 1/2 oz when he takes a bottle. He'll even take the bottle cold for me!



flopping back and forth on our laps

, sleeping in our bed, his swing, moving around, looking around, peeing on the changing table, and sitting upright. 


 having his diaper changed, getting bathed, sitting still, sleeping in his bassinet, not being held, and getting dressed.

Aside from the photo above, William is generally a pretty happy baby, especially if he's being held. When he cries he is easily soothed and his cries aren't too loud and does not screech too often. Cuddling with him is my absolute favorite, we have a snuggly nap together at least once a day. I love him lots, even when he pees all over the changing table and lays in puddles of his own pee.