Two Weeks Postpartum Update

Reading postpartum updates is encouraging and helpful for future knowledge!

At 5:06 this evening my little guy turned two weeks old. The last two weeks have been somewhat of a blur as we adjusted to getting very little sleep but somehow it already seems normal. William is a pretty happy baby overall, doesn't fuss unless he needs something and is easily consoled once given food, a changing, etc. He prefers sleeping in our bed during family nap times and

is already so strong

. Today we had our first non-doctor appointment outing to our friends' wedding shower and he did such a great job, not fussing once and even taking a nap despite the noise level. On William's one month birthday (the 29th) I'll share an update on him and everything that he's into but for now here's an update on me and how I'm

recovering from my unplanned c-section

At my 40 week appointment I had gained about thirty pounds total and last week at my one week incision check I had already lost twenty of those pounds leaving me with about ten pounds to lose. Despite being so close to my pre-pregnancy weight, my normal clothes don't fit because my body shape has changed but my maternity clothes also don't really fit because I am twenty pounds lighter. As for exercise, I'm not allowed yet but I wish I could, I'm tired of laying in bed!

I have a lovely eight inch or so skin incision below my belly button and under my skin I have a smiley face shaped incision held closed by two dissolvable stitches. The incision seems to be healing really well, not much swelling that I've noticed but it is still very tender to the touch. The steri-strip tape that has been holding the incision closed has started to come off, I've gotten four or five complete strips to come off already, they sort of curl up and then when in the shower they pull off quite easily. I still don't feel up to driving but have started feeling okay with carrying William up and down the steps. I'm still walking slowly but less hunched over and the only comfortable place for me to sit is in bed, some chairs are either too hard or too deep for me to sit in. Overall, I think I'm recovering fairly quickly, especially since I pushed for three hours before having the c-section, and for not knowing anything about c-seciton recovery before this. 

The first couple days at home were rough, I ended up having to take my emergency Xanax a few times but now that my hormones are leveling out and we are getting into somewhat of a routine, my anxiety seems to be better. I'm honestly too tired to feel many emotions right now. As for sleep, William sleeps well in between feedings giving me good two-three hours stretches of sleep in between feedings.

William and I had a rough go of things in the hospital but once my milk came in (the afternoon we were discharged) things got much easier. William was having some stomach issues, as in major vomiting multiple times in one night, so we visited his pediatrician and he got the all clear but I've limited my dairy intake and we are careful to only do 5-10 minute feedings at a time with long burping sessions after each feeding. Since I've put a time limit on his feedings he is eating at least every two hours, sometimes less, but overnight he does go about three hours at a time. I seem to have a great milk supply, there's always plenty for him and despite all of his vomiting he was 7 lbs 15 oz at his last appointment (14oz above his birth weight and a whole pound over his discharge weight). I must be making cream in there. 

Slowly but surely our life is getting a new schedule and I'm learning to work in between William's feedings and naps. It's a process but I think my little family is doing a pretty grand job at this new normal. Seth returns to work on Tuesday so my mom and grandma, and the rest of my family probably as well, will be taking turns helping me out since I'm still recovering and have lifting and driving limits. I can't wait to get back into blogging regularly again, I really have missed it!