Meet Wiliam!

After his long awaited arrival, William has arrived! Born five days after his due date, William is doing great and is healthy and such a good baby, barely cries (so far)! In a few days once I'm recovered a bit more I'll share a detailed birth story, because I need to write it out, but for now I'lll just cover the basics of how it went down.

Last Thursday (June 26th) contractions started at about 5-8 minutes apart and continued to be 5-10 minutes apart through that Saturday. Saturday night they became increasingly worse and at 2am Sunday morning my water broke. The midwife suggested I stay home for a few hours and relax until the contractions became closer together and uncomfortable. About ten minutes after she said that I could barely walk during contractions so we headed in to the hospital. I took three rounds of IV pain medication before getting an epidural around noon and by 1pm I started pushing. And pushing. And pushing. For three hours. Until the midwife discovered that we were barely making any progress. I was devastated. I was giving my everything and I was exhausted and after three hours we should have seen some serious progress if not have had the baby. The midwife gave me two choices: continue pushing for an undetermined amount of time and if there wasn't enough progress have a cesarean or have a cesarean immediately. After Seth and I talked and prayed about it we decided it would be best for both me and the baby if we went ahead and had the c-section.

If you read my birth plan

you know that this was the opposite of what we wanted and planned. Once in the operating room they had William out in five minutes, I was of course crying the whole time, and had me stitched up in twenty. Seth was beside me holding my hand the entire time and he was able to cut William's cord and hold him and then they placed William on my chest for skin to skin while they were still finishing up on me. By 8:30pm we were in our room and our parents were able to come meet their grandson. I was not allowed to walk for about 6 hours after surgery so that was rough and they of course came in the room like every hour that first night to check on me and on William. But somehow we survived. We stayed at the hospital until today (Wednesday) making it a total of four days but three of them being postpartum. It's been a very long week. Seth has been amazing, from holding my legs while pushing to changing almost all of William's diapers because I haven't been able to walk well. We are finally home and ready to get into our new normal. Forgive the quietness on the blog over the next week or two as I am on a sort of modified bed rest since I had to have (unplanned) surgery. 

since I had gestational diabetes William had to get his little feet pricked until his insulin levels were above 50, hence the bandage.

He is quite the squirmy little monkey and the hospital wouldn't let me trim his nails so he has scratches all over his poor little cheeks. Makes me so sad. But they are healing quite nicely.