Everyday Beauty Favorites

There was a time in middle school and high school where I hoarded make up. Anytime I had cash it was spent within five minutes at Sephora or Savemart on the latest beauty product. I had drawers and drawers full of make up, drugstore and high end. Some of it was pretty and some I only bought for the sake of buying make up. Since the days of my never-ending make up spending sprees, I've learned to be a bit better with my money and to only buy products that I will use on a regular basis. Most of my make up is from the drugstore but I do have a select few high end products that I've saved up for knowing that it was worth the money. I've hand picked six of my favorite products that I use pretty much everyday, although I obviously use more than just these six products everyday. 

Lasting Finish Lipstick

from Rimmel in

Airy Fairy

 - this is the ultimate everyday lipstick. It matches every outfit, every make up look, and every occasion. These are also my favorite lipsticks, they come in an array of shades and at $5 they are much more affordable than the coveted MAC lipsticks.

It's Potent!

Eye Cream from Benefit

- I'm pretty sure this stuff is actually magic in a jar. Seriously. Sleepless nights have nothing on this cream, it completely eliminates the blueish color under my eyes.

True Match Super Blendable Powder

from L'Oreal

 - I've tried a ton of powders over various liquid foundations and this is the only powder that leaves a smooth finish. It's not as pink as it is showing in the photo, by the way.

Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Primer from Maybelline

 - Primers from brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced are talked about the most but this little guy should not be overlooked. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, creating a clean canvas for foundation, and once make up is applied on top, it will last forever. I've even slept with my make up on (gasp! I know) and with help from this primer I was actually able to go to work with that same make up on the next day (double gasp!). Tip: after applying, let it dry and set for a few moments before applying anything on top of it. 

Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner

from Rimmel in


- I actually use a few different eye liners but I use this one to sort of fill in the gaps and line my upper lash line. It has a strong pigmentation and lasts quite a long while.

Pink Leopard Blushing Bronzer

from Too Faced

 - This has been an all-time favorite of mine for years. It has great pigmentation and works from day to night and looks great on pretty much every skin tone. The $30 price tag may seem high but you get so much product, especially since you only use a dusting each time, making it worth the price.

What are your go-to make up products?

Love all of these beauty products!