5 Time Saving Kitchen Tips

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This summer we have been eating a ton of green beans and rather than taking the time to cut off each tip with a knife, I've found it so much easier and quicker to use kitchen scissors. I wash up the green beans and then snip, snip and they are ready to cook!

It may seem a little odd to reuse the same mixing bowl for multiple recipes but it is possible and will save you a ton of time without all of the washing. All you need to do is a little bit of planning ahead of time. For example, let's say you're mixing up and double chocolate brownies, chocolate cupcakes, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla cake. With all of those recipes you'll want to start with the "cleanest" recipe first and work towards the "messiest." So you would mix the recipes in the order of vanilla cake, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes, and double chocolate brownies. As long as you scoop out the batters well in between, none of the recipes should be contaminated by the others. Keep in mind that if you are mixing a recipe with peanut butter then you should wash the bowl in between in case people have allergies.

Save yourself some time and frustration by spraying a little bit of nonstick cooking spray on measuring cups before measuring sticky foods like honey or molasses.

For almost every dinner I cook enough to serve four people even though there are only two adults in our house. We either use the extras for lunch the next day or depending on what it is I freeze it for later enjoyment saving myself time later. You can also shave some money off of your grocery bill by buying ingredients in bulk (especially at discount grocery stores like our local Sharp Shopper) for when you are cooking large batches. I got this bag of flour, just about six pounds worth, for just $2.75.

This is something that I learned when I was on prep at the cafe and has been the biggest help in my major kitchen projects. It saves so much time during cooking if you slice and dice and measure out all of the ingredients before you start mixing them all up because you're not running back and forth and you can just dump everything in at once and mix away. Plus it makes me feel beautifully organized to see everything all prepped at once.

How do you shave off time in the kitchen or shave money off of your grocery bill?