What's In My Hospital Bag

This is the best list of things to take to the hospital that I have found!

It's almost that time folks. Baby William's due date is exactly two weeks from today, but we are seriously hoping that he comes earlier. I know he'll come whenever he is ready but I am tired of being pregnant and I just want to meet my son! Last week I shared

what I've packed in Baby William's hospital bag

so now it's time for what's in my bag. I've done so much research it's a little weird and my bestie Leah who is preggers with her second little one helped me with what to pack and what not to pack so I feel pretty good about what I've got in there. Not too much but not too little. I'll do a follow up sometime after our hospital stay to update you on what I wish I had packed or not packed (but like I said, I feel pretty confident about my bag). I went with Leah to get the remaining items for my bag this past weekend and we found these adorable duffle bags at Target and decided that

this one had the cutest print



1 pair grippy socks

 (mine are from

Bath & Body Works



Cheap undies

2 comfortable nursing bras 

(I went to Motherhood and got

two of these bras

at buy one get one 50% off)

2 pairs sweatpants


these are by far the best sweatpants

for pregnancy, 

postpartum, and everyday wear)

2 button down [pajama] tops

1 cardigan

2 maternity tank tops

2 nursing tops

flip flops

*going home outfit


baby powder (or dry shampoo) 

(I packed baby powder simple because it's smaller and cheaper)

hair brush

hair ties + bobby pins


(this will be helpful during labor too)

face wash and *face lotion

*eye cream

body lotion


toothbrush + toothpaste

make up remover

2 pairs of contacts/glasses + case

lip balm

*make up

travel shampoo, conditioner, body wash

lanolin/nipple cream

body spray/perfume

washable nursing pads


*heating pad

hard candies



(as soon as he's born I won't have diabetes any more so I've got lots of candy packed)



(for any paper work, I'm taking it in a binder that also holds my glucose charts)

*iPad + charger

*camera + charger

*phone charger

plastic bag 

(for dirty laundry)

Starred items are ones that I'll grab at the "last minute." We plan on doing as much laboring at home as possible so we


 have time to grab things. One item that I bought to pack but then didn't at Leah's suggestion, is a pack of XXL maxi pads. She said that the hospital has great ones and even gave her a pack or two to take home at her request. It depends on your hospital whether or not you want to pack them, check with your doctor/midwife about what's provided or do like me and ask someone who recently delivered at the same hospital. If you've recently had a little one, what did you pack in your bag? What did you send your hubby home to get?