Nursery Reveal

Such an adorable baby boy nursery! Inspiration for a smaller space

I am so excited to share a few photos of William's little nursery (emphasis on little). I am absolutely thrilled with how it come out, it's simple and adorable and just what I pictured. We working on a very small budget but since it is just a baby nursery, I didn't feel a need to go way over the top. The big change we did to the room was painting. The two colors that we used are Pantone's

Ultramarine Green

 and Valspar's

Comet Dust

 and I am so happy with the colors we chose! We considered a different green color but I'm glad that I changed my mind literally at the last minute in Lowe's and went with this guy, it brings the whole room together. Oh and how cute is the little lion art work I have propped on the window sill? One of Seth's co-workers made that as the shower gift and it says "...I am fearfully and wonderfully made." It just happens to work perfectly in the room!

I went crazy and made the mobile myself. It was super easy. I painted the inside hoop of an embroidery hoop white and then used a circle cutter to cut out paper circles in various colors. I then broke out the sewing machine and sewed about half an inch at the top of each circle and upon reaching the end, simply pulled the circle to allow a long tail of thread. I cut off the various "extra" threads and then tied the circles onto the painted embroidery hoop at various heights. I kind of really love it. Cheap, easy, and cute! The crib is Ikea's

Sundvik Crib


The dresser was the biggest purchase and a gift from my grandmother for her first great-grandbaby. We found it at Target but unfortunately I couldn't find a link for it, our store just had it set up in the baby section so it may be in store only. Sorry! I simply placed the changing pad on top of the dresser but I can't figure out why the cover looks so loose. It just doesn't make sense to me. Beside the dresser we have the

Diaper Dekor

trash can as well as a small tote that we're using as William's hamper. I am also very pleased with myself on figuring out the affordable artwork above the dresser. I bought the

arrow print from Printable Wisdom

on Etsy as an instant download for $5. I then printed out two copies of it and since it was a black and white print I used my elementary school skills and colored in the arrows with colored pencil. That's what's up. I bought cheap matting and found the frames on sale at Michael's to make the artwork stand out and look way more expensive than the $5 that I actually spent on it. Total for the two prints I spent under $30 and had fun coloring. I shared a

close up picture of the artwork on Instagram


I had the hardest time photographing this little wall. So annoying. I bought the cube shelf like two years ago at Target and it's moved with me from my parent's house and now to William's nursery! We found the black totes for the shelf in the storage section at Target (can you tell we like Target) and have them filled with lots of goodies. As you can tell, we still have some space to fill on the shelf but that shall come with time. On top of the shelf I have a

lamp from Ikea

, a little flopsy bunny bank that someone gave Seth when he was a baby, a soft toy blanket that my mom bought for William, and Bear Bear, the teddy bear that my great-grandfather gave me when I was two and I am now passing along to William. My other crafty project was the name banner pictured above. I picked out wood letters from the craft store and painted them with some of the leftover paint from the lovely accent wall and then hot glued them to twine and Seth used tiny nails to stick it onto the wall. Another super easy and affordable project that ties the accent wall in with the rest of the room.

I apologize for the not so awesome quality of the photos. I tried five times to get photos, using my iPhone and both camera lenses, at different times of the day, with blinds open/closed, etc. It's just such a small room with not awesome lighting. I hope the adorableness of the room still shows through because I am just in love with it and it really is cute in person. If you have any other questions about where things are from or how things were made, just let me know in the comments below! I'm sure there will be lots of photos to come of Baby William in his nursery!