20 Before 21 Update

This is such a fun idea! A yearly birthday bucket list full of tasks to complete before your next birthday

t the beginning of each year I make a list of goals to complete before my birthday in September. This year I'll be turning 21 so therefore the list had to include 20 goals because you obviously can't turn 21 before being 20. Feel free to play along and make your own list of birthday goals! Check out my 

list reveal post

 and stay tuned for more updates, everything is due by September 18th, 2014.

1. Take More Photos

          Doing much better with getting my iPhone out and taking photos with VSCO cam. Once William comes I'll use my DSLR more often when taking weekly photos of my little man.


Get Serious About Blogging

           I'm working hard. Well, trying to work hard. I have a blog calendar that I've put together and have organized in a way that makes sense to my brain and I'm posting more often that I have before (although it may not be consistent day to day, overall it is more) and I'm making more connections in blogland.


Plant An Herb Garden

          Done! I chose to plant the herbs in mason jars so that I could see the roots and be sure that they are getting enough but not too much water. I

will not

 kill them. I hope.

4. Have a Wedding Photo Book Printed

          I just keep forgetting about this...

5. Learn How To Knit (again)

          We shall see if this happens or not...it can be an expensive hobby.


Be More Social

          Still doing a great job at talking to people more often. We now have a small group that meets at our house every few weeks and I think I'm doing pretty good at getting conversation going and whatnot.

7. Buy Another Camera Lens

          Won't happen until closer to my birthday.

8. Get Blog Business Cards

          I also keep forgetting about this one...

9. Lose the Baby Weight

          I haven't gained too much weight so here's to hoping that it sort of slides off after giving birth.

10. Try Riding Bike Again

          Can't happen until well after giving birth. But Seth really wants me to try riding bike again so I'm gonna do my best!

11. Create a Date Night Jar

           I'm not super excited about this one anymore. But maybe it will be a good project for while I'm stuck at home for a couple weeks.

12. Break Out the Sewing Machine More Often

          My hormones have left me with very little patience. Sewing requires patience.


Create and Stick to a Weekly Meal Plan

          I'm gonna call this one done. I've been doing a fairly good job at planning out meals ahead of time for the sake of easier grocery shopping.


Learn More About Coding/HTML

          I've at least learned enough about coding/HTML to get me through blogging life.

15. Read At Least One Book Per Month

          January - 

Murder in Mesopotamia

 by Agatha Christie, 

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

 by Robin Sloan

          February - 

No Mark Upon Her

 by Deborah Cromble

          March - I watched too much television in March...

          April - 


 by Blake Crouch

          May -

3 a.m.

 by Nick Pirog,

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

 by Ina May Gaskin

16. Get A Tattoo with William's Birth Date

          I don't know his birth date yet so I can't get the tattoo yet. I did do some research and I can get a tattoo while breastfeeding, most websites just suggested pumping and dumping just in case.

17. Learn How To Use Chopsticks

          I gotta start watching some Youtube videos yo.


Practice Hand Lettering

          I did this for about a week and realized that it's just not going to be one of my talents and that's okay! It was fun to try but it's just not my thing.

19. Go To a Spa

          This will be a lovely post-partum self date once I can leave William alone for a little while.

20. Try A New Food

          Beets. Beets are on my list to try asap. I've had red beet eggs because (and love them) but I've never actually cooked straight up beets. I keep buying them but get too scared to use them and then they go bad. I'm weird, I know.

Total Completed: 6 out of 20

That's two more than

my last update

! Now that Seth is 21, I kind of can't wait for my birthday to come around so we can try out drinks together (cause we're weird and do like everything together). Only four months until my birthday!!