Simple Windowsill Herb Garden

I love the look of these windowsill herb gardens! The mason jar look is perfect!

I finally have my herb garden and it has lived for going on a week which means that I can now share it on the blog because it is more likely to live than die, at least for the moment. I really love how simple but clean it looks and it was also


 wallet friendly. I am missing one herb yet because the greenhouse I went to for the rest was completely sold out of all kinds of parsley. Completely sold out. But no worries (because I know you were worried), I plan on picking up a parsley plant at market next Friday. 

The one thing that bothers me about my herb garden is that my peppermint plant is in a different style of mason jar than the rest of my little herb friends. But that's just my OCD. Ya'll know that I am way too lazy to replant it, plus I'm afraid that I'm going to kill it if I try to transplant it at all. 

The herbs I've chosen for my windowsill herb garden include:



regular mint


pesto basil


Greek oregano


grosso lavender


lemon balm

, and eventually


. I considered getting cilantro as well but I just don't think that I cook with it enough to have my own plant, I can buy a bunch for around $1 at Market as needed. The lavender I chose mostly for its beautiful purple flowers and so I could try a few savory lavender dishes (like lavender lemonade or lavender scones) and lemon balm I got because it smells amazing and paired with a few lemon slices, you've got some yummy lemon water. my favorite herb, which I cannot wait to use is the Pesto Basil. It literally smells like a basil pesto and is going to be perfect for

my favorite pesto recipe


Are there any other herbs that you think would pair nicely with the others I own? What does your inside herb garden look like?? Favorite herb-y recipes??