Seth's Birthday Celebrations

My husband

turned 21 this past Saturday

! Yes, we know that we are young-ins (I won't be 21 until September). Although Sethy had to work on his birthday I got up in the morning with him to make him a stack of 21 birthday pancakes. Yes, there are 21 pancakes in that awesome tower above. It's a tradition that my mom started for my brother and I way back when, making a stack of pancakes associated with our age and I've brought it to my home. But Seth only ate three pancakes and pancakes aren't exactly on a gestational diabetes diet plan so there are more than a few pancakes in our freezer right now. Look out next week for the perfect Birthday Pancake Recipe.

We did most of the celebrating after church on Sunday. Started with lunch with my parents and brother at Red Robin (so Seth could use his free birthday burger coupon, of course) and I was the annoying wife who made the Red Robin employees sing/chant to Seth for his birthday against his wishes. But at least, he got a free ice cream sundae out of it (and I got to eat the whipped cream). And I was hungry so I decided to eat my entire lunch rather than portion it out like I'm supposed to for my diet and then decided that I just wouldn't do my glucose testing for the rest of the day and it was wonderful.

In between meals we finally jumped on the bandwagon and watched


. Needless to say those songs were stuck in my head for the next 24 hours and if I think too hard about the movie, they pop back into my head. It was cute though. We also went for a super long walk around the East Side of the city, enjoying the lovely weather and blooming trees.  

For dinner we went to

The Dispensing Company

with our friends Leah and Eric (they are preggers too and due about a month and a half after us) where Seth got to try his first drink. He did not like the mixed drink that Eric ordered for him. His face was hilarious because he tried so hard to like it. He ended up loving

Redds Apple Ale


We ended birthday celebrations with ice cream at his parent's house (also celebrating his mom's birthday which is the day before Seth's). I even ate some ice cream. And it was delicious.

// How was your weekend??