Recipe: Grilled Vegetable Flatbreads

This is our favorite Summer recipe! It's easy, delicious, AND healthy! >>> #littlecitykitchen

A few weeks ago Seth bought his first grill and we set up our patio a bit. Needless to say, we are loving grilling up dinner outside in this amazing, amazing weather. We are grilling almost every night when Seth is home in the evenings. Our favorite item by far is grilled asparagus (drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, and adobo) and the other night we grilled up some Tilapia that was amazing as well! But I've had a hankering for pizza lately and unfortunately I cannot eat it because it makes my glucose levels go nuts even if I eat the correct portion size. The compromise: a flatbread topped with ricotta cheese, grilled veggies, and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese.

This recipe is easy and quick and insanely delicious! I'm not lying, with Seth running the grill and me prepping the food, it took about 20 minutes or a little less. It's a perfect and yummy summertime dish.

Recipe for:

 Grilled Vegetable Flatbreads



Prep Time:

 10 minutes          

Cook Time:

 10 minutes          

Total Time:

 20 minutes


2 flatbreads or naan flatbreads

extra virgin olive oil

1 cup ricotta cheese

a few fresh parsley leaves, roughly chopped

12 asparagus spears, ends cut off

6 cherry tomatoes, cut in half longways 

6 thinly sliced onion rings

8 pepper strips (I had strips of various peppers pre-prepped including red, green, yellow, and orange peppers)

parmesan cheese, for sprinkling

garlic salt to taste


balsamic vinegar, for drizzling

salt and pepper to taste


Pre-heat the grill

on medium-high setting. Meanwhile, prep the asparagus, tomatoes, onion, and peppers for grilling.

To prep the vegetables:

 drizzle olive oil over all of the veggies, mix, and season with salt and pepper. Once the grill is close to completely heated, plan the flatbreads on the grill just long enough to heat them and get grill marks on both sides, about four minutes total. Remove flatbread from grill and begin grilling the veggies.

2. While the veggies are grilling,

drizzle just a bit of olive oil

on the grilled flatbreads and then

place half a cup or ricotta cheese

on top. It doesn't need to be spread evenly, you can kind of just plop it in various locations. Top the ricotta with a few

fresh parsley


3. Once the veggies are grilled divide them in half and

place half of the amount of veggies on each flatbread

in the following order: asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, and onions. Sprinkle on as much or as little

parmesan cheese

as you'd like followed by

a pinch of garlic salt

to taste.

4. Place the topped

flatbreads back on the grill

long enough to melt the parmesan and heat the ricotta and reheat the flatbreads. Once you take them off the grill,

top with a bit of balsamic vinegar

if you so choose.

Serve hot

, each flatbread cut into four pieces.

// What's your favorite summertime grilling recipe?



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