Guest Post // Strawberry Blueberry Jam

This is seriously my favorite homemade jam recipe! It's so sweet and full of flavor, it's absolutely perfect!

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I'm so honored to be able to take over Abby's blog for the day! Eeeeep! While thinking of things I could show you guys, immediately jam came to mind. Everyone


 jam and I love showing everyone how easy it really is to make your own :)

Let's make some, shall we?

Strawberry Blueberry Jam

Makes about 6, 8oz jars

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1, 12oz bag frozen blueberries

2, 16oz bags frozen strawberries

4 cups

vanilla sugar

2 whole vanilla beans

1 1/2 cup water

zest of one fresh, washed orange

1. In a non reactive medium-large sauce pot, add all of your ingredients. For the vanilla beans, cut each one length-wise and carefully scrape out the seeds inside. Add both the seeds and pods to your mix. Stir.

2. Over medium high heat, bring your mixture to a boil. Once boiling, turn heat to low and insert a candy thermometer. **Or if you do not have one, you can place a salad or dessert plate in the freezer and do the

Plate Test

. To find out all about what the Plate Test is and just how easy it really is, click


. **

3. Cook mixture, stirring every 5 minutes or so until mixture reaches 220°F on your candy thermometer. If you are doing the plate test, remove plate from freezer and test a dollop of jam on your frozen plate. If it's too runny, continue cooking. If it's the perfect consistency, move on to the next step!

4. Turn heat off, remove vanilla pods, and puree to your liking. Then, pour into cleaned and sanitized glass jam jars and seal quickly with a self-sealing lid. Allow to sit at room temperature until your lid "pops" sealed. Once you hear that "pop" you know your jam is air tight!

**I'm fully aware that some people prefer to go the whole 9 yards and add their canned goods to boiling water to really sanitize and seal. If that's you, go for it! I personally have never experienced a problem with boiling (aka sanitizing) my jars and lids first, allowing to thoroughly dry, adding boiling  hot jam mixture to jars, fitting with self-sealing lids, and allowing to seal themselves on the counter. **

Great as gifts for friends or kept all for yourself! Jam will last for months in the refrigerator. Once opened though, it will last about 3 weeks.