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While I'm getting ready for the upcoming arrival of baby William (four more weeks to go!) a few blog friends have offered to take some work off my shoulders by sharing some lovely guest posts. Hope you enjoy! Be sure to follow me on 




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Hello, readers!  I'm very excited to be guest blogging here on Abby's beautiful blog (and at such a wondrous time, too)!  

My name is Allyson and I write about my life at 

Don't Feed the Wendybird

.  Although lately, I feel like I have abandoned my birdie's nest: I'm nearing the end-of-year finals at the end of my first year studying abroad in England, so it's fight-or-flight time.  (How many more bird puns can I fit here?  More, but I'll spare 


 my Twitter.  Ok, sorry, I swear it's out of my system!  Plus I neglect my Twitter a lot too.  Oopsie.)

One of the reasons I enjoy blogging about my life is even though it might seem inconsequential to many, it's a tangible way for me to look at my progress.  It's my own personal time capsule where I document bits of how I got to where I am today.  Especially after making the huge decision to be an international student.

This is me in Brighton this past March.  Though I've been here for

 almost 8 

months stuffed purse still makes me look like 

a tourist.  

It's a constant battle to not be "that" American.  Sigh.

Life abroad has taught me a lot but I've still got a long way to go.  I mostly feel like a wimp even though everyone tells me how they could never be brave enough to live in another country.  Meanwhile, I look to women like Abby who seem to have it so together!  But I have to remind myself that we all have our strengths and that's the richness of life.  My ongoing strength, one I have to build up and exercise daily, is having confidence in myself and what I'm doing.  New horizons are scary and seem to come much too quickly even when the nine hour plane ride from the Midwest seems to be taking forever.  

If you've got changes looming, my best advice is to jump in feet first without thinking too much.  Wading in the shallows is always what gets me in trouble and I find I have the best time with things when I just experience the waves as they come.  So to exams, to flying out the country the day after I finish said exams, to awaiting results of my acceptance into my degree programme, and to starting a new summer internship thereafter, I say: not today.  Today, right now, I'm writing my thoughts on a beautiful sunny day in the place I've always wanted to end up; and that happened because I embraced the change I feared I was too wimpy for.  I may still feel wimpy, but look how far I've flown.  (One last bird pun.  Promise.)

Thanks so much to Abby for asking me to write a guest post during such an exciting time!  Best of best wishes to you and your newest family member; I can't wait to read more.