Favorite iPhone Apps

This is a great list of apps to try out! >>>

It is no secret the Seth and I are exclusively Apple users. It's almost not right how many Apple products we both own. We just won't think about that fact for now. Earlier this week I


 got to update from my iPhone 4s. When the 5c's came out Seth got one soon after their launch and I was able to inherit his 4s to replace my 4, otherwise I'd probably still have a 4 now. The 4s was working perfectly fine, that's the great thing about Apple products, the seriously last forever, but somewhere along the line the lock button on the top of my phone decided to get stuck or something and no longer worked. And I may or may not have dropped it one time and completely shattered the back to the point where glass would come off in my hands if there wasn't a case on it.

To make a long story short (too late, I know), there was an available upgrade on our plan and I was able to get a beautiful, shiny blue iPhone 5c (I was going to get a 5s but they only had white or gold in stock and I only wanted black, I know, I'm strange). And now that I have a phone with working buttons, I can take screen shots and share my favorite apps with you! I've chosen three apps in various categories to highlight for you. Keep reading to find some new, lovely apps.


VSCOcam //

 This is my favorite app to not only take the actual photos with but also has my favorite filters.

Afterlight //

 I use Afterlight mostly for the wonderful adjustment tools.

PicTapGo //

This app is wonderful because you can sort of make your own filters by layering filters over filters.

Graphic Design


 This is a new and super cool app. Made by the owners of

walk in love.

 this app offers beautiful graphics, especially faith based ones, to overlay on your photos.

Over //

 This is my favorite app for adding text on top of photos. One of my favorite blogs,

Fresh Exchange

, offers a beautiful graphics pack.

Obaby //


Fresh Exchange

 product that is just adorable. This app offers the cutest graphics to overlay on pregnancy and baby related photos.

Music & TV

Pandora //

 Best way to stream music online. I've tailored my "Dancing With Myself Radio" to perfection, it's now the ideal 80s station.

Netflix //

I've got Netflix on all devices and televisions. I'm one of those people that always has a tv show on just for background noise.

Roku //

 I think this app is just cool. If you have a

Roku player

 you can use this app as your remote if you loose it or if you're like me and too lazy to get up and reach for the remote.

Baby & Health

Pink Pad //

 I've tried many menstrual cycle tracking apps and this is by far the best. It learns from your history, you can keep track of symptoms and moods, and it tells you when you're ovulating (obviously that feature worked well for me...).

Sprout Pregnancy+ //

 This is the best app ever! I get to see what William looks like in the womb week to week and the little circles are clickable and tell you facts about his growth that week.

My Fitness Pal //

 This is another one that I haven't used since I got pregnant. But it is an awesome app for keeping track of what you've eaten, track your calories, and keep track of your exercise/calories burned.

Lists & Note Taking

Listastic //

 I use this app mostly for more long term to do lists as well as shopping lists. I like that you can check things off but they still remain there if you choose to leave them there.

ShopList Free //

Awesome shopping list. Love all of the categories and how precise you can be with amounts and what not.

Do! //

 This is a fun to do list app. Double click on the task to cross it off, it even has a little sound effect that sounds like a pencil scratch off a task on paper.

What are your favorite iPhone apps??