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I bought these beautiful flowers at Market this morning. I just couldn't pass them up!

Hello friends. I hope you're enjoying the spring weather, I know I am! Today is in the 60°s, although windy, but sunny and just beautiful. I will admit that I am currently enjoying that weather from the comfort of my bed and looking out the windows. But I did go to Market this morning and enjoyed the wonderful weather, I actually waited to go to out until the sun was shining, and bought some pretty fruits and veggies as well as spoiled myself with some gorgeous flowers from my favorite flower/plant stand. Seriously, this weather is just making me so happy.

Working on decorating on a pot for my Pesto Basil Herb. Tutorial coming next week!

Although the weather is wonderful and makes me very happy, it has been an overwhelming week for me. Last Tuesday I had my 28 week blood work done which includes a glucose test. And the next day I got a call saying that I am anemic but also that I have gestational diabetes. In fact, my glucose levels were so high that they did not feel a need to do the three-hour follow up test. But not to worry, William is doing perfectly fine, has heartbeat was 143 that day which is perfect. Needless to say I was quite upset after finding that out. And by quite upset I mean I cried for awhile until Seth came home to sit with me and comfort me. Thank you Sethy for being so sweet and understanding.

Gala Apples have been so delicious lately!

My immediate reaction was one of guilt and fear. I felt like it was all my fault and I felt that I failed my son, my son who isn't even born yet and is 100% dependent on me alone. I texted my friend Leah who is pregnant with her second little one, who is due just a few weeks after William, and has dealt with a few complications as well and I knew she would understand completely. It is so comforting to have a friend who knows what I'm going through and who can comfort me and remind me that I am not a terrible mom just because I now have diabetes. The diabetes isn't my fault. It's just how my body is processing all of the hormones that are currently flying through my body. It took a couple days but I can now say that I have accepted the diagnosis and no longer feel guilty. The main thing is that William is healthy and with a change in diet I'm going to keep him that way.

Yesterday Seth and I attended a class at the diabetes & nutrition clinic where they gave me a glucose monitor, taught me how to use it, and went over a meal plan. What surprised me was that Seth was the only husband there! There were three other preggo women there and only one of them has had gestational diabetes in the past. I am so thankful that Seth was able to come because it would have been hard for me to remember all of the details to relay to him later that night and he genuinely wanted to know more about the diabetes and what it would mean for our family. People, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for a husband who cares so much that he came and sat in a two hour class about diabetes. Not exactly a fun time. At the class the dietitian gave me a meal plan and basically the biggest and only thing I really have to watch in my diet is carbohydrates because those obviously turn to sugars. At breakfast I'm allowed 30g of carbs (15g = one serving), lunch and dinner I'm allowed 45g, and at my three snack times I'm allowed 15g. In the carbohydrate family they include starches (like breads and pastas) but also milk (but not cheese, that's considered a protein) and fruits. With every snack and meal I have to have a source of protein (hello, peanut butter and cheese) and there isn't much of a limit as to how much protein I can have with a meal. That might be the best part. They know I'm pregnant and hungry all the time so they're only limiting things that affect my glucose elves. Oh, and vegetables are completely free. I can eat as much of them at each meal as I'd like!

Hello new best friend for the next 11 weeks.

This diagnosis has brought a lot of change into my day to day life but I'm doing my best to not feel too overwhelmed or out of control. I've typed up charts and things to keep track of everything in a way that makes the most sense to me and I'm going to keep a handy little healthy binder with me so that I feel organized and therefore a bit more in control of the situation.

Experimented with a sugar-free ground beef bbq. It was okay but not quite perfect.

What does this mean for the blog? No baking recipes for the next 11 weeks. I am not allowed to have


 desserts. I work at a bakery so you can imagine how much that sucks. Maybe I'll post a few more meal style recipes rather than dessert recipes to show women who also have gestational diabetes a few ideas for what they can eat. Once I get settled into my new cooking routine I'll play around with a few ideas. Also, I'm just straight up exhausted and a little bit lazy now that I'm on the home stretch of my pregnancy so posting may be a bit sporadic until after William is born. I just have a few things to do between now and then (yes, that is sarcasm).

That's what's new with me, how about you?