Recipe: Smoky + Sweet Ground Beef BBQ (No Sugar Added)

Love this recipe for no sugar added Ground Beef BBQ that is smoky, sweet, and delicious! #littlecitykitchen

Are you all enjoying this amazing weather?! Finally the US is thawing out from the insanely long winter. I keep thinking that it could snow like tomorrow despite the 70° today. So far we're safe, but I am having a hard time trusting that forecast, snow could sneak up on us anytime (ha). I spent a good hour walking around outside taking some photos for upcoming posts and I just couldn't believe how gorgeous it is outside. This is just the kind of weather that I love. I even went out and got two new spring dresses because of all this exciting weather.

Now that I have been

diagnosed with gestational diabetes

, I am on a fairly strict diet with a minimal amount of carbs/sugars and absolutely no desserts. At first I was bummed because pretty much all of my recipes include sugar including ground beef bbq (also known as sloppy joe's) which I have been craving at random times throughout my pregnancy. But then, I found no sugar added ketchup and the day was saved! So there is a minimal amount of sugar in the recipe from the ketchup but it's something like 3g of sugar or something. And my diet does allow me some ketchup as a "free" food. If you are on a low-sugar diet just be careful because there is some sugar but I didn't notice it raise my glucose levels at all when I tested after dinner. So eat at your own risk.

Recipe For:

 Smoky + Sweet Ground beef BBQ (No Sugar Added)



Prep Time:

 5 minutes          

Cook Time:

 10 minutes          

Total Time:

 15 minutes


1 lb ground beef

1/2 cup no sugar added ketchup

1/4 cup white vinegar

1 clove crushed garlic or 1/4 tsp garlic powder

1 1/2 Tbsp

sweet mesquite seasoning

1/2 tsp salt


1. Take all of the ingredients except for the beef and mix in a large measuring cup or bowl. 

2. Place the sauce mixture and the beef into a frying pan. Brown the meat and mix around the sauce until the meat is cooked thoroughly and sauce has been mixed through completely. 

3. Serve on a lightly toasted whole wheat hamburger bun and optionally top with a sliced or shredded sharp cheddar cheese.