Give Yourself A Raise

Tips for giving yourself a raise, AKA some YOU time!

A little while back I was approached by

to participate in their Give Yourself A Raise campaign. They asked me to write a post about how I reward myself and what really caught my eye in the original e-mail was when my contact said, "We know how much work being a mom can be, and we want to focus on the importance of taking time out for you!" Um yes please. I feel like half my blog posts lately have at least mentioned how tired I am and how I'm slowly but surely learning how to take it slow and take more time for myself throughout my pregnancy. Keep reading to find out how I give myself raise and how you can as well!

1 - Get rid of everybody.

 As much as I love my dear, supportive husband, the best way for me to truly relax is to be alone. Once William arrives that may mean Seth taking him out for some guy time, even just for an hour or two, so that I can have some alone time.

2 - Put off all non-urgent chores.

 If it isn't going to stress you out to do it later, then do it later.

3 - Crawl into bed or get comfy on the sofa.

 You've emptied the house and found that you just happen to have nothing to do for at least a moment so get yourself all comfy whether that means laying in bed or propping yourself up on the sofa. My favorite thing at the moment is laying in bed and propping my feet up on two pillows (don't worry, they're designated feet pillows so they won't be used as head pillows), it's so much more comfortable since William is sitting so low.

4 - Turn on the TV or open a book.

 Whether letting your mind empty means turning on the tv or opening up a new book, choose one and just let all the thoughts melt from your mind. Find a good series on Netflix and watch every single episode throughout your relaxing/alone time or catch up on day to day telly on Hulu. I can't even tell you how many series of old shows I've gone through on Netflix throughout my pregnancy thus far. It's kind of weird.

5 - Just relax.

 That's it. It may sound easy but it's not always simple to just be okay with letting everything go even if it's just for an hour or two. I used to resent all of this time that I needed to take to just relax but I've learned to love being a lazy bum because in the end it's best for my little baby.

How do you give yourself a raise as a mom or mom-to-be? Is it as simple as laying in bed and being a bum or does it mean visiting your favorite coffee shop or going for a run with your iPod blaring Broadway music? Whatever it means to you, share it below, I'd love to know!



*Although this prompt was given to me by

, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Abby Barstow