DIY: Cactus Garden

Learn how to make an adorable little cactus or succulent garden for your home!

I've got spring fever. I am so ready to be able to walk outside without nine hundred layers on and to be able to go for walks and just enjoy the weather. Part of my little spring fever has included a desire to buy flowers and start planting. Obviously, pregnancy has put a little bit of a blockade so to speak in my planting plans because I can't/shouldn't lift the potting soil bags or larger shrubs. The perfect compromise was to plant a small cactus garden! I'm kind of in love with how adorable my little cacti are. Do you see that neon pink one?! Adorbs. 

This is a fairly inexpensive project, each my cacti cost under $5, the gravel was about 75¢, charcoal 75¢, soil was a couple dollars but there's obviously leftovers so it can be used again, and the bowl I already I had at home! Interested in making your own? Keep reading to find out how.


- wide and shallow bowl/planter

- cactus/succulent soil blend

- charcoal

- gravel or rocks

- assortment of mini cacti or succulents

- gloves (make sure they are thick enough that the cactus spikes can't get to you)

Step One

Place a little bit of gravel on the bottom of the bowl to help with drainage then pour an inch or so of soil into the bowl. Use just enough soil to cover the roots of the cacti.

Step Two

Next, finds homes in the soil for your cute little cacti. Play around with the arrangement, leaving enough room between each plant to allow roots to grow.

Step Three

Top off the soil with a thin layer of charcoal to help keep the soil fresh and then top it all off with gravel or rocks. Use enough gravel to sort of hide the soil and give a desert like appearance. 

Leave a link below to photos of your cactus/succulent garden! Here's to hoping I don't kill the cacti...