31 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello squinty face


dress // Target Maternity

sweater // LOFT

necklace // vintage

How Far Along:

 31 weeks (today!)

Weight Gained:

 20 lbs

Maternity Clothes:

 Yup. But guess what, my pre-pregnancy athletic shorts still fit as long as I wear them under my belly! That made me feel good.

Stretch Marks:

 Some light ones on the side of my belly.

Belly Button In or Out?:



 Getting better at waking up less in the middle of the night to pee but I've been having to stay up later in order to follow my diabetes meal plan and get my testing in and all that two hours after eating dinner.

Best Moment of the Week:

 This amazing weather. It has me feeling rejuvenated.


 Welp. I want ice cream. Abby can't have ice cream because that makes my glucose go nuts. Also, this is more of an every summer craving but I cannot stop drinking (unsweetened) Passionfruit Iced Tea from Starbuck's.

Labor Signs?:



Intense lower back pain. I think William may have pinched a nerve in my back with all of his kicking around.

Wedding Rings On or Off:

 On but getting tighter.


 Good during the day, especially in the morning but once 8 o'clock rolls around, watch out. Sorry Seth. I know, it's really bad.

Also - last week I took a video while I was laying in bed of William moving around like a monkey. It looks like an alien is trying to break out of my stomach. Check out the 15 second video (this went on for at least an hour total) I posted on