20 Before 21 Update

I love the idea of making a yearly birthday bucket list! It makes those daunting life-long bucket lists seem less overwhelming!

At the beginning of each year I make a list of goals to complete before my birthday in September. This year I'll be turning 21 so therefore the list had to include 20 goals because you obviously can't turn 21 before being 20. Feel free to play along and make your own list of birthday goals! Check out my

list reveal post

and stay tuned for more updates, everything is due by September 18th, 2014.

1. Take More Photos

          I haven't done much that warrants photo taking but I have been playing around with iPhone photo apps.


Get Serious About Blogging

           I'm working hard. Well, trying to work hard. I have a blog calendar that I've put together and have organized in a way that makes sense to my brain and I'm posting more often that I have before (although it may not be consistent day to day, overall it is more) and I'm making more connections in blogland.

3. Plant An Herb Garden

          In progress! Check out my tutorial for DIY: Chalkboard Herb Pots, I'm going to buy lots more pots in various sizes to paint via the tutorial as well as tons and tons of herbs. My kitchen is going to smell so wonderful and I have the perfect space on my countertop as well as on the kitchen window sill to display all of the pots.

4. Have a Wedding Photo Book Printed

          Why are photo books so darn expensive? I have a coupon for Shutterfly so perhaps I'll try to put one together that doesn't cost an insane amount.

5. Learn How To Knit (again)

          Um, I thought about starting to knit again...does that count?


Be More Social

          Despite the fact that I am very, very pregnant and off one of my usual meds and dealing with diet changes and have insane hormones, I do believe that I have done quite a wonderful job at being more social. Since Seth is officially on staff at church I felt like I needed to make more of an effort to reach out and at least talk to people on Sunday mornings. Done. Also, Seth and I have been helping with the new Young Adults ministry and believe it or not, at last month's event I actually talked to strangers. Multiple times.

7. Buy Another Camera Lens

          I haven't put this into the budget yet. William obviously comes first.

8. Get Blog Business Cards

          Now that I finally have a layout/template that I


, I can now start working on business cards. Maybe that will be a fun activity for me to work on during those first weeks that William is here and I don't/can't leave the house.

9. Lose the Baby Weight

          I have gained a nice amount of weight but it honestly doesn't look bad so I'm hopeful that most of it will just disappear after giving birth or go away due to breast feeding. Then I just gotta tone up. Here's to hoping.

10. Try Riding Bike Again

          Since the last time I road a bike I fell off of it, I think I should wait until I'm no longer with child to try riding bike...just sounds like a smart idea to me.

11. Create a Date Night Jar

           I know exactly what I'm going to do for this project, I just haven't actually gone out and bought the supplies that I need.

12. Break Out the Sewing Machine More Often

          I have no excuses for not working on sewing projects...

13. Create and Stick to a Weekly Meal Plan

          Did that and I'm now following the meal plan set forth by my doctors to combat gestational diabetes. I'm more interested in seeing how things go after William arrives. I guess you could say that this one is half done.


Learn More About Coding/HTML

          I think that I can officially say that I have learned a bit more about coding/HTML. Some thanks  to my friend Morgan who is awesome at things like that. So, thanks Morgan!

15. Read At Least One Book Per Month

          January -

Murder in Mesopotamia

 by Agatha Christie,

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore

 by Robin Sloan

          February -

No Mark Upon Her

 by Deborah Cromble

          March - I watched too much television in March...

          April -


 by Blake Crouch

16. Get A Tattoo with William's Birth Date

          I don't know his birth date yet so I can't get the tattoo yet. I did do some research and I can get a tattoo while breastfeeding, most websites just suggested pumping and dumping just in case.

17. Learn How To Use Chopsticks

          I haven't had the opportunity yet and now with the diet change it doesn't seem that I will have the chance until after William is born.


Practice Hand Lettering

          I did this for about a week and realized that it's just not going to be one of my talents and that's okay! It was fun to try but it's just not my thing.

19. Go To a Spa

          I really, really need to fit this in before William is born. My body feels like a hot mess.

20. Try A New Food

          Beets. Beets are on my list to try asap.

That's four items out of twenty completed in just the fourth month of the year! So far, I'm doing much better than last year and once William is born many more of these items will get completed. Do you have a birthday bucket list or list of goals for the year? If you do, share them below! Which of my goals are you most excited to read more about??