Who Keeps You Healthy

A few weeks ago I was approached by the

American Recall Center

, a website which focuses on relaying medical device recall information as well as general healthcare information, to participate in their Who Keeps You Healthy? campaign. I immediately jumped at the opportunity, loving the premise of the post, mostly because it allows me another reason to talk about my current favorite subject: William.

William at his 20 week ultrasound

For those of you who are new to my blog, meet William, my son who is now 25 weeks old and still growing in my belly. He already looks like his daddy and that makes me so very happy. William is my Health Hero because he encourages me to do my best to eat more veggies and less chocolate (but let's get real, pregnancy cravings totally win most of the time) and encourages me to live a healthier lifestyle. I've started to be able to feel him moving around in there and feeling his little feet kicking around and when I get to hear his little heartbeat at the doctor's office, my heart just sings. There's a little human growing inside of me and it's my responsibility to keep him safe and healthy. It's my favorite job. 

I've been working hard to do at least half of our grocery shopping at our local farmer's market, giving me more opportunity to buy things like broccoli over Nilla Wafers. Shopping at my local market is cheaper as well! But best of all, I know those healthier choices are going to be best for William as he works to grow into a handsome little man. 

Once William is born he, as well as any of our future children, will continue to be my Health Hero, encouraging me to eat healthier and live a healthy life so that I can see him grow up, I don't want to miss a moment of his life. I also want William and any other future kiddos that we have, to love food and know more than boxed mac n cheese as an easy dinner choice. I want them to be those kids that love spinach and goat cheese salads and I want them to learn how to grow their own veggies and herbs and how to use all-natural cleaning products to promote a healthier life and world. Maybe that sounds dorky, but it's true. I'm excited to teach William about food and how healthy


 delicious it can be and Seth is excited to teach him how to play soccer and live an active life. I cannot wait to teach all of these wonderful things to little William.

Head over to American Recall Center's

Community Page

to find similar posts from fellow bloggers. Tell me, who is your Health Hero, who encourages you to live a healthier life?

We all have someone or something that inspires us to stay healthy. Who keeps YOU healthy?