Sunday Brunch Date

This morning I decided to sleep in quite a bit and sort of just enjoyed a quite morning at home while Seth was at church. Yes, I skipped church in favor of sleeping. I got a few chores done after waking up and planned on us having leftover turkey meatloaf (which was delicious, I got it from a stand at Central Market. Better than normal meatloaf yo) then Seth told me that he left the meatloaf out on the counter all night after eating it late last night after getting home from work. He realized it this morning at like 6am and tucked it into the fridge before I could see it. Ha. So long story not so short, I was at a lost as to what to make for lunch so we headed downtown and tried out

On Orange

, which neither of us had ever been to. They aren't usually open in the evenings when we're going out so this was the perfect time to try it out. Fun fact: At the end of your meal (whether it's breakfast/brunch/lunch) they give you little cookies. Guess where they get those yummy cookies. That's right, Wendy Jo's, where I work!

It's a cute little cafe with yummy brunch options. The dining area is a bit tight making it a little loud but the tables aren't crazy wide or anything so we didn't have a problem hearing each other. Seth and I both opted for the Swedish Waffles and Sethy got a side of bacon, of course.

I think the waffle was the size of my face. 

I'm pretty sure that Seth had his down in like thirty seconds. I personally loved it because it wasn't too sweet but you could totally change it up with different toppings (honey, applesauce, syrup, jams, etc). 

Coooookies. Yum. I was apparently torturing Seth while photographing the cookies because he kept saying, "Hurry up! I want the cookie!" I guess waiting thirty more seconds was just too much. Ha. Hope you all had a lovely Sunday afternoon as well! 

A visit to one of our favorite brunch spots, On Orange in Lancaster City, PA >>>