Photo Gallery Wall Planning

The first steps in planning the perfect photo gallery wall >>>

Slowly but surely our house is starting to look more like a home. We're getting a bit of art work and photos up on the walls and a few decorative objects to make it look more like people actually live here. Because you know, people live here. Hopefully before William arrives the house will be ready for him and all of the guests that will be coming to meet him. Fingers crossed that I get this done within the next four months.

The second floor of our house encompasses the bathroom, William's nursery, our bedroom, and this awkward middle room/hallway dealio that is the size of a room but it's in between rooms. In that middle room is the spiral staircase leading upstairs to my attic office/closet space as well as two large bookcases which are still being filled. And that's about it. It's a decently sized space so the emptiness of it is rather glaring. At least to me. There's one long wall that's just begging for something to be put on it. So how about a photo gallery wall?! I think yes. For now I'll put up wedding photos and a few other snaps I have from the last year but soon it will be covered in photos of William.

Before I can order the prints, I need to know what sizes and how many to order. And before I can do that, I need to know what the gallery wall will look like when complete. Having a similar problem? Here's a step by step guide on planning your very own photo gallery wall and once my prints come in the mail, I'll show you how to hang up the photos and make your gallery wall look (almost) perfect.


paper cut into 4x6, 5x7, or any other sizes you may want

washi tape or blue painters tape

Step One

There is no need for perfection in the planning stages. The perfectly straight lines and centered pieces will come later once you have the photos and frames. For now, play around with the different sizes of papers, change up the layout and move things around until you find the look you're happy with.

Step Two

Once you have found a layout that you love, keep everything up on the wall. Just leave it there. The unfinished look may drive you a little bit crazy for awhile but you'll live. I promise. Now you could just take a photo of the layout and then take everything down but I think it will save you at least a bit of time once your photos come in if you have everything in place. Trust me, it will help keep all the spacing just right. Count up the number of photos that you need and the sizes and order away. And don't forget the frames as well!

Stay tuned for the finished product in the coming week or two once my photos come in the mail. Then, we'll make everything look absolutely perfect including drawing on the wall (with pencil, no worries!) to make a perfectly centered line and lots of measuring to make sure it is all evenly spaced. I'd love to see your photo gallery wall layout ideas so leave a link below!