Photo Gallery Wall Final Steps

The final steps in creating the perfect photo gallery wall >>>>

Remember last week when we discussed the

beginning steps of making a photo gallery wall

? Today I have the final steps for you. I'm quite pleased with how my photo gallery wall turned out. It brings some life to an otherwise lifeless wall. 

In case you forgot, the photo gallery wall is on a wall on our second floor in a room dubbed "the middle room." It's a slightly awkward space between the nursery and our bedroom that is the size of a room which also holds the spiral staircase that leads upstairs to the offices. It even has a door as you can see above. A lot of older houses in the city have odd little rooms like these rather than hallways. I shan't complain though, it will be a perfect playroom for William and in one corner I have two large bookcases making it a perfect reading nook. 

If you would like to make a similar photo gallery wall, first follow the steps outlined in


post and then continue with the steps below.



Tape Measure

Photo frames

Photos (I print all of my photos from




 Command Strips (I used command strips because we rent)

1. Using a tape measure, make small dashes across the wall at one height (my line was at 54.5 inches). Then connect the lines using a straight edge (and maybe a buddy). This is illustrated in the above photo. The line will help keep the photos at the bottom of the layout level.

2. Replace the paper placeholders from

the previous steps

with the corresponding photo/frame. Use the line that you drew in the last step as a guideline for the lower frames and to keep them all in check.

4. Go ahead and erase the pencil line.

And now you have a beautiful photo gallery wall! Right now all I have is engagement photos and wedding photos but I can't wait to replace



 probably all of the photos with ones of William. Let's be honest, once William arrives I'll probably update the photos on a weekly basis. 

Have you created a similar photo gallery wall in your room? I'd love to see a picture! Leave a link in the comment section below.