Taking Stock

My friend Heather over at

Honee Bee

recently did a post called "

Taking Stock//Winter

" and invited readers to play along as well. I loved the idea because I'm in a chatty mood after being stuck in bed all week, home alone with a stomach virus. Go ahead and copy and paste the questions onto your blog and leave a link below so that I can see your answers as well!


 plans for Baby William's nursery. Now that we know we're having a little boy, we're starting to get some ideas together for his nursery and have even almost completely emptied out Seth's office so that it can be turned into a handsome, sophisticated nursery for our son.


 toast. toast. toast. and more toast. You know that stomach bug I mentioned earlier? It's absolutely wiped me out and I literally can only keep down toast and popsicles. Crackers even make me sick. Boo.


 Vitamin Water is beside me right now but the bottle is empty and I should probably go get some more water...that would mean getting out of bed though...


 nothing! Leave your book recommendations below because I am itching to hit up the bookstore tomorrow (p.s. I recently finished Agatha Christie's

Mrs. McGinty's Dead



 to feel better so that I can hit up the vintage shops downtown tomorrow and buy some pretty things for our house (yay tax refund!).


 at art work on Etsy to create a gallery wall in

the living room



 Candy Crush. I'm late on the bandwagon but it really is addicting.


 time playing games like Candy Crush.


 nothing. Boo. I could be sewing things for the nursery but I haven't as of yet.


that William was kicking the front of my stomach instead of my back. Oi, boy! This back pain is not working for me and I want to see his little toes kicking my belly. 


 my bloglovin' feed. A ton of amazing and inspiring blog posts have been popping up lately and I am loving it! It is inspiring me to blog more and blog seriously.



Sight & Sound

to finish up rehearsals of the new show so that I can get my husband back! The cast and crew are working crazy hours to get the new show, Moses, up and running on time and it will be worth it but it will be nice to have Sethy on a normal-ish schedule.


 the combination of my back heating pad and heated neck massager. Yup, you can tell I'm sick and pregnant and yes, I currently look as funny as you are picturing.


what the weather will be like tomorrow.


 this slightly warmer weather. Don't so much love the precipitation but I could almost not wear my winter coat. I long for coat-less days.


 I'll be able to get stuff done tomorrow. So behind after being sick this week.


 at the fact that in just 17.5 weeks I'm going to

have a son


be a mom

. Still insane to me!


 my hair. It smells like my dry shampoo. I should probably take a shower. 


 an adventure. 


 100% maternity clothes.


 some amazing blogs. Like

And Yes To Joy!


Oh Dear Drea


Annapolis & Company,


We Seek Joy



 how messy my house has become this week. Really hoping I feel up to at least folding that giant pile of laundry in the hall.


 I should be doing more than laying in bed.


 of Seth. I miss him. By the time he gets home from work right now I'm pretty much asleep or at least almost asleep. And we only get one day off together during the week, Sundays, and those aren't even full days since he works at church in the mornings. Can't wait 'till William comes because I'll be home all the time for awhile so we'll have Mondays off as a family as well.


 so many posts on

And Yes To Joy!


 my mind to new ways of doing things (like organizing, cooking, writing, etc).


 at the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Can't wait for next week when Late Night with Seth Meyers starts!!



What's going on in your life? Share the link to your taking stock blog post or answer some of the questions below.