Spice Drawer Organization

Organizing your spices can get tedious and frustrating. Here's one idea for keeping things organized and easy to access when cooking >>>>

Today I thought I would show you one of the few organized drawers in my kitchen: my Spice Drawer. Even though I am more of a baker rather than a cook, this drawer is one is probably my favorite because of the organization, bright colors, and beautiful textures. I do have four or five more spices to add to the drawer and I plan on layering them upon the existing for now. If I get so many jars that layering them becomes chaotic, I'll switch labels to the round ones like

on my tea jars

and place them on the lid and stand each jar upright. I'm hesitant to do that in the first place because it would hide all of the beautiful colors and textures.

I use simple

spice jars from Bed Bath & Beyond

, which only cost $0.99! The price may or may not be the reason I went with these bad boys. My drawer fits these jars horizontally 4x5 and then room for a row upright jars (I can fit between 5 and 6 upright). 

I originally had such a hard time organizing this drawer. I first tried to use it as the utensil drawer but found the drawer was about half an inch too narrow for the utensil holder (I tried two utensil holders and this drawer just wouldn't accept them). Then I only used it to hold oven mitts. That's dumb. Then I found these lovely little jars and my spices found a new and lovely home. I've loved having them right beside the oven, it's so convenient when cooking. Since I still needed a home for the oven mitts, I simply place them on top of the jars. 

I am seriously in love with this drawer and find the organization perfectly suited to my needs. This really should inspire me to organize my other drawers but it really is a big task to organize a kitchen. You feel me? How do you organize you spices?