moments in time that I captured over the last week or so.

1// We announced that we're having a little boy! I used the amazing


app for that cute little graphic.

2// I've already started shopping for baby William, how cute are those onesies?! And they are so tiny, like doll's clothes!

3// I painted my toe nails, since I can't have my finger nails painted at work, blue and green in honor of my baby boy.

4// I was too lazy to go to more than one store to look for Valentine's themed sprinkles for my

Valentine's Day Cookie Treat Bags

so I sifted through my multicolored sprinkles for all of the pink and white sprinkles. My laziness caused me more work. I'm logical.

5// Christian music artist


performed and spoke on Fox & Friends. He is an awesome performer and music businessman who is awesomely outspoken about his faith. It was cool to see a national television station letting him be so open and sharing the meaning behind his music.

6// We cleared out Seth's office to start turning it into the nursery and put this cool cubed shelf in there awhile. I found four baby books on my bookshelf to put in his room and three of them were either my grandma's or great-grandma's.

7// I found a ladybug crawling around my office!

8// I shared a photo of my favorite after market shopping lunch, spicy thai chicken fried rice. Yum!

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