Baby Boy Clothing Picks

I might be a little bit excited to meet Baby William in just

four months

! I can't believe how soon I'll be a mommy to a handsome little man (not sure what I'm talking about? Check out my

"It's a Boy" announcement

). I may have already gone out this weekend with my mom and grandma to buy William a few things. I think maybe we're all excited. For good reason of course. I am having so much fun browsing for clothing's and figuring out how to style my little man when he arrives this summer. It's hard right now to find anything because everything has long sleeves for the winter but obviously long sleeves and the middle of summer don't really go together. Buying baby clothes might be my new favorite hobby. No joke. Everything is so little and precious and just straight up adorable. Now, I know I won't be dressing him up all the time because onesies will just be 900x easier for the first month or so but I'm gonna make it work and it's fun to day dream about while I'm waiting for him to arrive.


Lil Fella Graphic One Piece


Gap $22.95

: Oh my gosh I cannot get over how cute everything is in Gap's Paddington Bear Collection. I just wish it wasn't so wintery. But I think I'm going to have to get my little fella this one piece for bed time because I just find it so freaking adorable that I can't even stand it!!


Baby Boy T-Rex Onesie


Etsy $16.00

: This onesie is just so much fun! And since it's from Etsy, there aren't many out there like it. Pair this with a little pair of baby jeans and he'll be just adorable.


Set Shirt + Pants


H&M $17.95

: H&M has some pretty darn cute tops for baby boys. This weekend I found a onesie with three quarter length sleeves and elbow patches like on the top above. So cute!


Lined Chambray Shirt


Gap $24.95

: Look at this. Look. He would look like such a little man in this shirt! And he would look like his daddy because Seth has a similar shirt. Eeek! I can't even you guys, it's all just too cute!


5-Pack Short-Sleeve Bodysuits


Carter's $15.60

: Little tiny animal prints. I don't think there's anything cuter! My favorite is the one in the front, with the little tiny hippos. I kind of wish they had this print on a dress for adult females. Adorbs.


Dip Dye V-Neck Tee


 Target $8.95

: This is perfect for the summer time. It reminds me of the ocean which makes me very happy. I think my little guy would look kind of hipster in it too (don't you love how I know what he's going to look like even though he is still cooking? I'm just cool like that).


Relaxed Checkered Shirt


Carter's $10.80

: This is like the perfect little button up for him to wear to church. Paired with a pair of khakis and he's set. I just love baby boys in button ups.

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