23 Week Pregnancy Update

Look at the slightest peek of toes. I personally can't see my toes when I look down. Ha. The top is from Motherhood Maternity.

How Far Along:

23 weeks

Weight Gained: 

7 lbs

Maternity Clothes:

 Oh yes. Maternity jeans and tops are a must now. My non-maternity jeans just don't fit around my waist any longer and my non-maternity tops are too short to go over my baby bump.

Stretch Marks:

 No noticeable new ones.

Belly Button In or Out?:

 Still in!


 Sleeping much better than in my first trimester but I'll often wake up with bad back pains.

Best Moment of the Week:

 Not having a stomach virus any longer. Last week was awful while I was in bed with the virus, so thankful to be feeling significantly better.


 Since I was sick last week everything is all out of whack. It was a strange sensation to be feeling ill or at least to feel ill if I did eat something other than toast but to still have pregnancy cravings. I sort of felt like a crazy person.

Labor Signs?:



 fatigue and back pain seem to be most prominent at the moment.

Wedding Rings On or Off:

 On. I have to take them off at work though and when I do there are serious red marks since things are getting a bit tighter.


 Too tired to be super moody. I do complain a lot though (sorry Sethy!).

I love this style of update for pregnancy updates!