Things Nobody Told Me About Being Pregnant

Disclaimer: I am overjoyed to be pregnant. We both feel so blessed to be given this gift of life. This is just a sassy take on some of the less-glamorous sides of pregnancy. Also, just because I may have or not have a symptom, doesn't mean that you will or won't, all pregnancies are different.

There's a lot of things in life that you have to figure out for yourself. For women, pregnancy is at the top of that list. Sure, your friends and family will spill the details of their experiences but there's some things that people either A) don't think to tell you, or B) feel too awkward bringing up. Don't you worry my friends, because I feel no awkwardness giving you a list of items that were a bit of a surprise to me when I became pregnant. As of today, I am 16 weeks pregnant with my first little one, and am by no means an "expert" (but really who is?), these are just a few things that I have discovered throughout my sixteen weeks. 

1. Can't lean on the bathroom sink to pop pimples -

I don't know about you but once I got pregnant my face exploded with hormonal acne (also because I had to stop using face washes with salicylic acid) and I have a horrible habit of picking at pimples. Once I started showing, and even before that when my stomach was sensitive to the touch due to bloating, I could no longer lean on the sink to get nice and close to the bathroom mirror. Long story short, go get yourself a tabletop mirror, if you don't already have one, and pop away!

2. No more sitting "crunched up" -

This one may just be me. Because I'm weird. I have never been able to sit like a "normal" person, on the sofa at the dinner table, I just can't be normal. Since I was about 8 weeks preggers with Baby Barstow, I could no longer sit all scrunched up like a ball. Baby doesn't like to be squished. I guess that's fair.

3. Forget about keeping your home "Martha Stewart clean" -

Fatigue has been the biggest symptom of my pregnancy thus far, so most days it's a struggle for me just to get out of bed for work. Forget about vacuuming or scrubbing the floors. Don't stress about keeping your place perfectly clean, once the baby comes all hope is lost anyways.

4. Don't even try to wear a thong -

First of all, you already got pregnant so who are you trying to impress? Second of all, things get a bit swollen and sore down there. Just wear whatever is comfy. If you're trying to hide your panty line try

these undies

instead, they provide just a bit more coverage.

5. Sleepless nights start before baby arrives -

I have not had a peaceful night's sleep since about eight weeks or so. Between having to pee every two hours, crazy dreams, uncomfortableness, and just general restlessness, your body is already preparing you for all of those sleepless nights once baby arrives.

6. You'll get into some pretty hairy situations -

Some women are lucky enough to have their leg hair basically stop growing during their pregnancy. That is not me. My legs need to be shaved every single day now as opposed to once/twice a week in the past. And I've got blonde peach fuzz all over my belly and my upper lip for the first time ever! I hope this baby is born with a huge head of hair and it comes from the hair that grew during my pregnancy. 

Anyone else experience these or different surprise pregnancy symptoms? And I hope you aren't too grossed out by some of my TMI comments, but hey, somebody has to pass along things like this.

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