20 Before 21 List Reveal

It's that time of year again. Time for bucket lists/goals/new hopes/wishes and for me that means that it's time to debut my birthday bucket list! Basically what a birthday bucket list is a list of things to accomplish before your next birthday. So because I will be turning 21 on September 18th of this year I need to complete 20 things prior to my birthday because obviously I can't turn 21 until I'm 20. That would just be silly. Does that make sense? You may remember my

attempt to complete 19 things before turning 20

last year which I sort of failed at; I only completed 7/19 goals. But that's okay! At least I tried, right?! This year I've decided to start my list right at the start of the new year, giving me about nine months to complete it, five and a half of those months being without baby. Shall we dig into the nitty gritty details of this year's birthday bucket list?

1. Take more photos //

I want to document every second of my child's life. Yeah, I'm going to be


 mom. Plus I want to get better at photographing and supposedly practice makes perfect.

2. Get serious about blogging //

I'm working up a whole separate list of 2014 blog goals that fit under this one goal. They include but are not limited to: creating and sticking to a blog editorial calendar, reaching out to fellow bloggers more often, commenting on more blogs, and being more consistent with posting.

3. Plant an [indoor] herb garden //

I keep finding that I need a semi-large amount of herbs for recipes (earlier this week I made

Spinach Basil Pesto

and needed 2 cups of basil) and Central Market obviously has lots of herbs for sale and I don't mind buying them there but it would save money if I already had them at home. Paying one flat price for a continuous amount of herbs is better than paying that same price over and over for one time uses. Plus, they bring some life into the home.

4. Have a wedding photo book printed //

 I've been married for six months. We're having a baby in five and a half. I think I should get that photo book printed that I want. Before I start getting multitudes of baby photo books.

5. Learn how to knit (again) //

 My grandmother is quite a wonderful knitter and she's taught me the basics a few times how to do the knitting basics and I even took a knitting/sewing class in high school. So I do know how to do your basic knit and purl and can follow simple patterns. I also figured this would be a nice, quiet activity for me to do while baby is napping (because my child better be a good sleeper).

6. Be more social //

 I'm an introvert. Let's get real here. Blogging has been great for me since I've gotten the opportunity to get to know fellow bloggers fairly well but I need to go out in public where I live and talk to people in person every once in awhile. Obviously right after baby is born people will be coming to me but before that and once baby is ready to go out with me I need to go out for coffee more often and go on little adventures with friends who also have little babies.

7. Add another camera lens to my collection //

 I currently have a 50mm and another one that I can't remember at the moment but I'm too lazy to get off the sofa to check. Sorry. Anyways, the 50mm lens is amazing but the other, not as sharp. I'd like to find a good deal on another lens with wonderful focus like my 50mm (anyone have a Canon lens for sale??). 

8. Get blog business cards //

I've gotten personal "business" cards via


before and the quality of those cards is amazing and they had great customer service. And the website is called Moo. It can't get better than that. Since I'll be being more social (be being, does that work?) I should also work up the courage to promote myself out in the "real" world. Because I am proud of my blog and spend so much time working on it.

9. Lose the baby weight //

 I can't do this one until after baby comes but so far I haven't gained any weight. Weird and wonderful all at the same time. But eventually, I will gain weight. Especially because this week baby is loving chocolate marshmallow ice cream. I think I should have enough time to at least lose most of it by my birthday especially with breastfeeding.

10. Try riding bike again //

This is one I was too scared to complete last year. Long story short, I haven't ridden bike since 2008 when I fell off my bike on a class camping/biking trip to Gettysburg and broke my left wrist on one side and shattered it on the other side, resulting in me needed surgery.

11. Create a date night jar //

 With baby coming, having and keeping date nights will be even more important for Seth and I. 

12. Break out the sewing machine more often //

 I do like to sew and I can sew a fairly straight line. Sometimes. But there's no reason that I can't sew myself some skirts and dresses and sew baby a few things here and there.

13. Create and stick to a weekly meal planner //

 I've already started this one last week. Check out my

new weekly series


14. Learn more about coding/HTML //

 I know a few things here and there but I'm working on creating my own custom template for my blog. One of my best friends knows quite a lot about this and is some sort of computer science major and she offered to help me if I had questions so I need to utilize her skills before she goes back to college in like two weeks. 

15. Read at least one book per month //

 One book may not sound like much but you know how crazy life can get. I'm ashamed to say that there have been a few months this past year where I didn't even open a book let alone finish one. I'm hoping to read more than one but I figured saying at least one book per month would motivate me.

16. Get a tattoo with baby's birth date //

 I've been dreaming and dreaming for years about getting pretty much

this exact tattoo

after each child's birth. Now I finally get it!

17. Learn to use chopsticks //

 We love Chinese/Vietnamese food and I feel sort of silly when I eat at restaurants and can't use chopsticks at all. Plus it would be a fun skill to have!

18. Practice hand lettering //

 I've always loved art but to be honest I'm not that great with drawing. But I think I could pull off hand lettering if I sit down at least once a week and seriously practice. Here's some

lettering inspiration

19. Go to a spa/Get a spa treatment //

 Whether it's before or after baby that I go to the spa, it is definitely necessary for me to have some relaxing spa time. I want a massage so badly!

20. Try a new food //

 I consider myself to be quite a "foodie" but there's many things that I have yet to try.

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