15/16 Week Pregnancy Update

note to self: buy a tripod and re-apply make up before photos.

How Far Along: 

15.5 almost 16 weeks

Weight Gained So Far:

 0 pounds (weird and wonderful all at the same time, so it's hard to tell but my belly did "pop" I just haven't gained much weight to go with it)

Maternity Clothes?: 

Not yet. I do have to use a small hair tie to tie instead of button my jeans closed. My mom did get me a belly band for Christmas which I’m sure I will be pulling out pretty soon.

Stretch Marks?: 

I haven’t noticed any specific new ones.


Waking up a bit less in the night but having rather long, wackadoo dreams that don’t allow me to enter deep sleep/REM sleep.

Best Moment

of the Week:

 On Tuesday I got to hear baby’s heartbeat and we scheduled my 20 week appointment where we’ll find out the gender (Feb. 4th!). 


 baby carrots (hehe), chocolate marshmallow ice cream, peanut butter, pineapple


Labor Signs?: 



acne, bloating, frequent urination, some nausea, extreme fatigue, back pain

Wedding Rings On or Off?: 



 I’ve mostly upbeat the last few weeks. I feel more motivated to get things done, eating healthier, all that jazz. Just have to fight the fatigue like crazy.

An update from Abby at 15 weeks along with baby #1