East vs. West: Coffee Shops / Bakeries

Come visit my favorite coffee shop in this week's East vs. West post. Then go visit one in California!

This has been a very weird week for me. This is my last week working at Prince Street Cafe. I've been working here for over a year and eight months, varying between day and evening shift. I have finally decided to call it quits and find a new job. I have a wonderful, wonderful new job that I am going to learn so much at and have fun with. Obviously because I am leaving I've had frustrations with the cafe but it is such a huge part of who I am today that I could never say anything bad about it. I have given blood, sweat, and tears to do my part in making the cafe run smoothly. Blood: I've cut myself so many times here. This past winter I was putting away a teapot on a high shelf (which you'll see below) and somehow, it fell and sliced my hand and I ended up having to get stitches right in the middle of the palm of my hand. Sweat: I can't even tell you how hot it is in the basement where the dishes are washed and food prep is done. There's no AC and it is just an oven done there. And during those crazy lunch rushes, I run around like a maniac. Tears: I've worked some long hours and had many frustrations but I still love my co-workers. Let's move on and now I'll talk East vs. West.

I'm not being cocky when I say this, but when I mention where I work pretty much anybody from Lancaster knows or has been to Prince Street Cafe. Other than because I work here, the reason that is so well known is why I've decided to talk about Prince St. for this week's East vs. West. For the West part of East vs West, don't forget to check out what is happening in the San Francisco Bay area coffee shops via

Foreign Room

 (it's kind of like you get to take a mini-vaca on each side of the country! Fun, right?).

Last June we were closed for two and a half weeks and renovated the cafe, and now it looks amazing! It's open and earthy and cozy but bright all at the same time. Aside from traditional cafe fares like drip coffee, French Press, Chemex, cappuccinos, lattes, ice coffee, teas, etc. Prince Street also sells tons of desserts, soups, sandwiches, salads, and breakfast foods. Today I decided to treat myself to a traditional cappuccino (1.5oz shot of espresso with about 5.5oz steamed milk) after my shift. My dear friend Christy (who is recently engaged and is planning a gorgeous summer-time wedding out West) made my capp and wanted me to put a "disclaimer." I asked for a decaf capp with soy milk and a pump of hazelnut which makes pouring latte art extremely hard. Actually, you really can't pour any latte art at all with soy milk. She tried to make a real capp to show you guys but I wouldn't let her since I wouldn't be able to drink it (milk makes me super sick). 

You walk in the doors and to the left is a huge expresso bar area. The countertops really are gorgeous and all made from old barn wood (so cool!). 

Thank you Christy! It was a yummy capp! I was not very hungry or else I would have gotten food to show you and I didn't take a picture of the food menu because it changes seasonally and the next change happens next week. So if you're interested, check out


for an updated menu. For now I'll post a picture of just a few of the delicious desserts we offer below. 

To the left of the frame you can see one of the espresso bean hoppers/grinders as well as the espresso machine. Moving around the frame you can see the syrup pumps and along the wall (which is lined with an awesome old map of Lancaster) is that awesome shelf and the taps. The shelf holds the extra mugs as well as items used for alternative brewing methods. On the bottom, all those jars hold loose leaf teas. On the silver countertop, there's an area for ice, then plastic cold cups and lids, and then the taps. On tap we have strawberry lemonade, iced coffee, and iced tea. Pretty cool, yeah?

This is what you see as you enter the cafe. I love that chalkboard with the specials, I think it adds a lovely homey touch (in a good way, of course!). That Orchard Chai...itsbasicallyheaveninacup. Christy invented this special and it's just delicious. steamed apple juice with one pump of caramel sauce, and a scoop of spiced chai. Ah, so good!

If you are ever in Lancaster, check out Prince St. and try out that orchard chai (no matter what time of year, it's great hot, iced, or blended). And say hello to my friends!!



P.S. Don't forget to check out what


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